I won 9 games, I'm on 12/27 to the skin I should be at 18/27

I have won 9 Junkenstein games today, but I’m on 12/27 to the Zarya skin when I should be at 18/27.

I found only one way to fix this so far, you need just to exit the game and enter again after you played one junkenstein. Yeah, it’s annoying, but if devs don’t want to fix their bugs, it’s an option to get rewards after correct amount of matches you played. Not sure it works only for me or not but you can try it.

Yeah, i had to do it 3 times to make it work again, but those games are 30 minutes of my life im not getting back. It would be nice if they gave me the progression I made.

LOL welcome to the club. Unfortunately that is also the case for me. Wins don’t register and sometimes they might retroactively register if I enter another game. It happens by default as in this is the case in all my games in all modes and I will have to invest God knows how much time to get the weekly challenge. And don’t hold your breath for it getting fixed.

That’s the worst part, they will do nothing to fix it.

I will mention that the developers are fully aware of this issue and it will be fixed in a future patch. Like what Poundmoore said the best solution right now is each time you complete a Junkenstein match you should reset your game which has worked for me but if you don’t want to do that then I suggest just playing the PvP.