I wish we could have advanced statistics for our last 10 games

I really wish there was a way to view your own stats from the replay game screen, or in the career profile tab. I like the statistics update they just did, but that’s more of a broad view of your stats from season to season or all time. I’d really like it if we could have stats on a game by game basis so we could really dig in and see where we need to improve on.

Things like damage/10 min, damage against shield vs damage against players, accuracy % & crit shot accuracy %, healing #'s by teammate, who you killed/damaged most vs who killed/damaged you, and others things that I can’t remember right now.

I’m not the best player and i’m trying to get better, and this could be a way to really dig in and see what areas you’re strong in and what areas you need to improve in.


This and Game chat logs would fix so many problems

But that would require the devs to actually give you helpful criticism and feed back where you can improve, and force them to balance the game out so your improvement means something…prob will not happen.

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I want this. Badly!!