I watched 9 hours of owl league

And only got 10 tokens. Is it 1 token per hour? Whats are the do’s and don’ts?


I have watched all of todays stream. Only got 10 tokens

It’s five tokens per hour, I’m afraid. Something might have gone wrong along the way.

If you watched it on Microsoft Edge, watch out for the browser sending active tabs to sleep after two hours. Go to “settings”, then “system”, and check what’s going on the the “saving resources” section.

Its just gonna take a while for them to come, if youre using youtube that is, ive watched for like 20 hours almost could say and ive only gotten 30, i get about 15 everytime i log into OW after a few hours of break. Hope this helped

If you are watching on the owl website or app or YouTube you cannot watch anywhere else. Watching on multiple platforms will not make you earn more, it might actually make you not earn any tokens at all. Only watch the game on one platform, either the website, or the app, or YouTube.

How did you watch it?

OWL website?
Directly on YT?

I would recommend directly on YT. Just make sure you link your bnet account to your YT account.

Go here to make sure it’s connected.

I maintain a troubleshooting guide for getting OWL token drops here as well:

did you periodically refresh the browser page? sometimes after a match it goes on to automatically watch old videos on the playlist instead of staying and wating for the next live match to start

its a pain in the A** but yeah refresh the page if you see it doing that. ive had to do it every few hours. see the side panel to the right of the live video? the 28 old videos on the playlist? yeah thats what it switches to for some unknown reason. this is (one of) the cost(s) of switching from twitch to youtube i guess. playlist hijacking

I have watched all of todays stream. Only got 10 tokens

I watch on youtube

Maybe the tokens are from owl pick team site