I want you to clarify the age of Kiriko

I remember in the past, many many years ago, they changed Cassidy’s age right after planning the release of Ana Origins, in which she looked slightly younger than Mercy. they decided to make him the same age as Mercy. Michael Chu was very fond of giving ages and dates to all the characters, but it evidently backfired multiple times as the lore evolved. Same for brigitte age.

I kinda miss having a good temporal idea of the characters. It makes the lore a little too random. With OW2 I was expecting a lot more precision rather than exculpatory timelines.

kiriko is already messed up by the bipolarity they gave her between the cinematic (nice and awkward), the short story (responsible and cautious) and the in-game voicelines (grumpy and too self-confident).

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Nobody in blizzard is doing their jobe anymore, small indie company, now they cant even give us the age of the new characters, why its so hard to give her a proper age? she is around 30, she was training with hanzo and genji with the three were kids, kiriko was younger but not much, maybe 5 years

the problem is in the setting of her story, extremely dependent on the source where you read her lore:

  • Case A (short comic and video origins): kiriko actually lived the childhood of the Shimada brothers, she is a little younger than genji and is now an adult. she leads a yokai guide knowing it’s time to rebel against the hashimoto. she is responsible and aware of her leadership role, and she must carry her teachings to her teammates. suppose with almost the same maturity as phara.

  • Case B (cinematic and voiceline in games) kiriko is a very young girl who lives with her mother and has decided it’s time to rebel against the hashimoto. whether grumpy or cutely awkward, she looks her age not yet mature, but still full of energy. this version closely follows the age and maturity of d.va or brigitte (much younger than pharah)

it is extremely evident that they wanted both things: the link with the shimada who have now reached 30 years of maturity … and letting kiriko be part of the new heroes generations, who must demonstrate to her mother that she is ready despite her having almost 30 years. those reactions in the cinematic seem like those of a girl who has just finished being considered a teenager (maximum 20 years old), and is adorable for the relationship with her mother to show her that she is growing up… but it is not at all consistent with the background that should be with the shimadas, whose life experience is so rich.

i dont see the contradictions in both cases, kiriko mother trained genji, hanzo and then kiriko, genji and hanzo are older, not much, some years, genji is 35, hanzo is 38, kiriko has to be in the range between 28 to 31. she can be an adult and still living with her mother and grandmother, where is the problem? dont judge the age of the characters by the art style from illustrations or the models in game, in ana origins story there is a child pharah surrounded by the founders of ow with mcree and mercy that look like they are 20 something but they are 17 and pharah is 12 but looks like is 8. sombra is 27 and still acts like a teenager. i still dont get why ow2 heroes dont have an age, there is no need for a mistery, or the people who write the story are very incompetents like everyone working on ow?

Kiriko is definitely in her late 20s

Atleast she’s at the beyond the age of 18. Because it would have been a completely different story if Kiriko wasn’t in her 20s…

Don’t get me wrong, that’s not what I meant :raised_hands:. I meant that as the cinematic is written, it sounds more natural that kiriko was already closer to a person who has just passed her adolescence and wants to show her mother that it’s time to rebel against the Hashimotos after the disappearance of the Shimadas. A group of young boys forming a rebel group to liberate their city sounds to me more in line with the age given in the YT story where she is given a younger age.

In any case, I think it is deeply wrong that the narrative team let there be this yt storyt as the only lore-based track. Information that was deliberately deleted in the official blog (official ages).

well she is inmature for her age, again, were is the problem? sombra acts like an edgy teenager and is 27 years old. making a hang to deffend the town may sound childish but well, is ow we are talkint about, a world where there are legit people who save the world and use ridiculous clothes, kirko making a gang is not out of place

they clarified the ages of all heroes today. I am grateful for this.

What age is kiriko?

21 years old, and same age as Dva.

What! that means genji and hanzo are 13 and 17 years older respectively. That makes alot of her lore very weird and nonsensical

If you read about Genji taking care of Kiriko in Kiriko’s novel, you can understand the age difference between this 2 doesn’t seem small.

And Kiriko’s mother is looking for a vigilante Yokai that Kiriko made. Yokai was created when Kiriko was 20 years old, so if Kiriko is in her late 20s, Asa hasn’t found it in years even if she is the best swordmaster.

I didn’t expect her to be the same age as Dva, but it’s understandable.

No it messes with other stuff like kirikl was around 3 to 5 when hanzos father died then we have the problem if genji and kiriko hanging out like shes 7 hes 20 thats weird like super super weird

This makes no sense.

Kiriko is 21
source: https://overwatch.blizzard.com/en-us/heroes/kiriko/

Genji is 37. 16 years older
source: https://overwatch.blizzard.com/en-us/heroes/genji/

You’re telling me that Genji is in his 20s in this scene?

I mentioned about that illustration and anime is wrong, and if you don’t believe the officially announced age, you can. But that doesn’t mean Kiriko and Shimada brothers’ Lore make no sense.

That retcons her entire backstory. How can they be childhood friends if they met when Kiriko was a toddler and the brothers were well into their adulthoods.


Kiriko is the daughter of the Shimada brothers’ teacher. Why don’t you understand that they can be together?
Genji’s attitude toward Kiriko feels like taking care of his younger sister, who has a big age difference.
Kiriko remembers Genji’s bowl cut, but she doesn’t remember she did it together. This means she was very young at the time.

Asa still tries to overprotect her daughter, and Kiriko spent her childhood with her grandmother.
If she’s age is close to Shimada, this doesn’t make sense either.

People are mistaken for just one fact that she was with Shimadas.
If you judge only by the illustration, the age difference between Mercy and Farah does not make sense too.

Apparently.all this does is makes their character interactions creepy as hell

Ya a 4 year old hanging out with a 20 year old refering to them selfs as kids it makes alot of their voice lines creepy and huge plot holes

She remembers she just doesnt want to admit having a bowl cut in that voice line.

It would make complete sense in Japanese culture my cousin is Japanese and she lived with her mother and father till she was 32 and finally moved out when she got married and her mom would still treat her like she was 16. If kiriko was 32 it could make complete sense

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