I want to queue with my friends in Competitive but

The restriction to only solo/duo queue for GM+ players is harsh on us. My friends and I have been queuing together for years and now that a couple of us hit GM, we can’t queue together anymore. Some of us can’t afford to buy an alt/smurf account and some of us don’t want to.

I also feel like I shouldn’t have to buy another account to be able to play with my friends. Also, wasn’t there a problem to address with the mass amount of smurfs or whatnot? I thought that they were trying to lessen that? The decision to have GM only solo/duo queue seems to counter this? I’d like to hear more about this subject.

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You’re welcome to play with your friends in any other mode. You simply can’t gain SR for Competitive games that will frequently be unevenly matched due to the size of your group.


As someone said, you can play any other mode with friends. GM+ was given that grouping restriction for reasons that Blizzard outlined here at the forums.

As far as smurfs, they’re doing nothing of the sort, nor had they ever said so that I can recall. Buying more than one account is completely allowed by Blizzard, per Kaplan. The only thing not allowed is using an account to troll and throw games in lower ranks. That’s bannable under the normal report rules.

Other than that, you’re allowed to buy as many accounts as your heart desires. Activision-Blizzard loves your money, and the inflated “number of players” count that it brings. Looks good to the shareholders.

I remember reading that this was a decision that was made to lower average queue times at around this rank. While I understand the concern over uneven matches, I would rather them make us wait as long as needed to find an even match. It’s fair enough that this is the solution, but I hope that they find an alternative.

That makes sense. Thank you for clarifying.

Do you know where I could find the post about the changes to GM ranked queues? I would love to read it!

pls don’t stop what you do


Yep. Scott Mercer posted it back in April: Update for Competitive Play - Season 16