I want to buy a golden gun. the green ones look awful

who thought this new system would be a good idea? locking better looking option behind a what was it, year long time gate?

I swear to god these devs amazingly out of touch.

Edit: i have been made aware that you can still buy golden guns, they just split the currency up for no real reason and caused my confusion in the process.
My comment about the devs still stands though

You still can. I just did it with the new comp points.

lol you still can though…devs aren’t out of touch here

You know what, you might be right.
let me change my issue to the fact i have 1500 legacy comp points that i cant use instead.
Why is there a separate currency?

At the end of the season the current comp points get converted to Legacy. Save 1500 and bam you have a golden gun.

why is this a needed step though?

I can almost guarantee someone who gets far paid too much thought it would boost engagement when in all reality it would have the opposite effect.

Why does it matter that much? What difference does it make if you get it now or in like 10 days at season end.

Any credit or tokens or points that you’ve earned are still usable, you just need a small amount of patience.

  1. I can get it now, but the amount of time that would have to pass for my residual points to be enough to get a golden gun would be literal years.

  2. as far as I can tell with my limited googling, its based on the competitive year, not season. they roll over in 2025

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3 edits and then deletes? im curious now dude

Not worth it. You’ve been given the information, you’ve looked it up on your own, you have your answers. Don’t feel like entertaining complaining for complaints sake

you took that way to seriously my dude. you took the time to type something, think about enough to edit it 3 times and then deleted it. I’m just curious as to what took so much effort.

no, I don’t. I have a guess. that being this

but other than that, all I have is an issue with the devs

So you didn’t have people tell you when it’d happen or google it yourself?

And like I said when I deleted the post, arguing with someone who just wants to argue and complain even after being given answers and finding them for themself, isn’t productive.

You asked a question, I answered. Do you want more? Or just to complain more?

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I genuinely do not get what point you’re trying to make here.

the fact that you think this is arguing is a joke dude. im here venting my frustrations about a dev team that has done nothing but make mistake after mistake. like, I’ve not even disagreed with you, why are you taking it personally?

and I accepted the answer, and changed the topic. you then responded again, to which I simply explained that the β€˜small amount of patience’ you mentioned would be literal years. you then apparently cared enough to type something, edit 3 times, probably realise you were wrong and deleted it

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This is why I deleted it. Because you won’t have a conversation you just want to argue and complain. So unless you have anything relevant to the OP, bye kid.

I literally went out of my way to gather information to further the conversation you bot. like what more do you want from me?

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So you got your answers then. There you go. Full stop. You went and got toxic and defensive over something that is not a big deal at all.

Learn to have a conversation, not just yell.

Bye wave

no, I really didnt. I want to know why.

no, it is genuinely quite the opposite. I was curious as to what you deleted, then you got defensive you actual brainlet.

You did get your answers. You were told that it was the end of the season or year. You even went and looked it up and confirmed it. So you DID get your answers. Even went as far as to publicly confirm that you personally looked it up yourself. Even gave a timeline for how long it’d take.

You asked why i deleted the post. Again, I told you, you genius. You are proving over and over again through insult and demeaning that you don’t want to talk you want to cry and complain and that I don’t have interest in dealing with a crying child who’s only reaction is to lash out when someone disagrees with them. If you want to then there’s a place for that.

Now is there any further explanation of my actions that you need? Cuz I can retell you a fourth, fifth, sixth time if you REALLY need it.

If not, then you STILL HAVE YOUR ANSWERS. So bye bye kiddo. Good luck waiting out the year so you can get your super important gold gun skin.

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I didnt ask when. I asked why.
I only gathered that information because you were objectively incorrect.

and insulted me in the process. hence why I said you were taking it too seriously. it was a light hearted comment that made you cry. im sorry.

what is there to disagree with? the only thing would be your idea of patience or the incorrect information you gave about when points roll over.

you might start to understand the situation if you do.

see you later my man. sorry for hurting your feelings. maybe speak to someone in person every once in a while. people are usually willing to listen if you want to talk about your feelings.

Aww I love you too buddy thanks for apologizing and being a bigger person about it <3 really means a lot that the community cares like you do :kissing_heart:

Also great to know that being called a genius is an insult but braindead or bot isn’t. How do you spell hypocrisy again?

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