I want the players everyone else is getting

Where are all these op illaris unkillable mercys annoying sombras I especially want the good op doomfist I want these hanzos that are just absolutely demolishing lobbies on my team how come I can never get them!

I want the genjis who just kill everything without blade! And the Rammatras who have annhilation every 3 seconds and the anas who hit every single sleep!

Why can’t I get these players! :sob:


I just want teammates who don’t furiously dive around corners to escape my attempts to heal them.

But of course… you have a plan for that.


You don’t need teammates like that. Just become the desired teammate. :muscle:

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Get your qp mmr up and then qp becomes sweatier than comp.

That is the goal. As much as I like DM, there is something genuinely cathartic about playing widow well in QP as part of a team.

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Ik what you mean. I like forcing enemies out of position and right into my teams hands because I know if I hit them with one charged body shot, my team can clean up.

Very puppet master vibes

You get them all the time but there is no way to know if all you do is playing healer.