I want more friends

Hiii, I’m actually a ps5 player but I like Xbox players too so I came here to find more people to play me with on this platform! I would prefer if you weren’t a little kid as even tho Im a child at heart I’m 18 and not into that…If interested pls add my battle tag Sprinkles#11143 or my discord Mαɾιαԋ#4001
And if you’re a guy pls don’t ask for my snap it gets annoying =.=


Haha hey I’m blitz I only play on Xbox but um I’m looking for new friend’s/teammate’s tbh I’m not the best at the game but I still try my best to help my team so ya also my name is hanako and I main reaper,mcree,tracer and some times mei have a good day

You don’t need to be good to play with us, I have some guys on my friends list to do that for us😜

I take it back until you comment something authentic here

Dies of stupidity sorry that I’m late but um if that’s the case I might look dumb Infront of everyone because I still have a lot to learn

What’s that supposed to mean? I just want a person not some automated bot

Oh sorry for what I did so now I’ll try my best to make it up to you even though your probably better

If you want to make it up to me, make a new introduction to me pls.
If you can do that then I’ll let this go

Hey how’s it going My name is blitz but I like hanako you know I just like to chill chat and help out the team I’m not the best but I’m sure I can help a little and I’m pretty good at any type of play style except healers anyway have a good day/night and I can’t wait to play with you

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Omg perfect I’ll add you later!!

Hello. Is anyone still in need of a teammate?

Yeah sure feel free to add me whenever

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Hello i am on ps5 and play a bit of everything i added you the battletag is DrunkNerd i play mostly in the afternoon

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