I want a refund 'Your rendering device has been lost'

Dear overwatch team,

I want to play this game very much, but after season 11, I have been getting the constant crashed every time I get into a competitive game. I fixed the first one, but now I am getting the ‘your rendering device has been lost’. Now, I do not know how this possible, and how to fix it because there is no clear way to fix it in any forums about it. All of them discuss about using rizen gpu or amd cpu but i am using a 1070 and an i7. I’ve literally lost nearly 300 sr because of these crashes and right now I just want a full refund because this is an absolute joke coming from people like you.


I’m sorry, but you’re already a high enough level to where you can’t get a refund.

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Try these

The one thing that fixed this issue for me was that I had overclocked my 1060 a little too much and it was crashing Overwatch. I do not know any correlation, but after tuning my GPU in Afterburner down a little, the problem disappeared so maybe if you overclock at all it might be the problem.

Yeh, I’ve tried everything, from under clocking, uninstalling and re-installing. I don’t have an AMD or ryzen material. I’ve just lost 300 sr now, and I don’t know why it should crash. I can literally run every game smoothly so by now I just want my money back honestly.

level 300 ez refund lul

When steam only allows a refund if you have played for less than 2 weeks AND under 2 hours, what makes you think you deserve one here? If you have less than 150 hours I’d be shocked.

Since this is clearly a software/hardware issue with your build you need to take it to the tech support forums or contact customer service directly, but with that attitude I doubt they’ll listen.

Pro tip: if you value your SR that much don’t play comp until you fix your issue.

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I want a refund because my monitor died

You have had the game for too long. You can’t get a refund after a day of buying I think.