I thought Role Queue Beta didnt' count

Everything said that the RQ beta did NOT count…but its apparent it does…as I’ve suddenly lost all my damn ranking …. this is utterly infuriating.

I didnt play cause i dont trust blizzard. Lol

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they said the stats won’t be added to your stats page.

“role queue beta” stats are not factored into your “all competitive seasons” stats nobody said they’d ignore your games, when in fact the beta was there to determine how accurate the predicted SR for each role really is.

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There were many posts stating how the beta would not affect your SR citing blizzard posts. It was a total “hoodwink.” I and every other person in my Master’s games believed the same thing, that it wouldn’t count. People were practicing new heroes and playing off-roles to experiment. It’s absolutely absurd that season counted

Does nobody read Blue/Orange posts?

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there was not a single one


Yeah I get that they didn’t say the mmr wouldn’t count directly but:

  1. Why not count the stats for this season? Like what’s the issue with including beta stats permanently? Okay maybe you lose a bunch as a role you don’t play much and drop a tier. Well next season you’re still down a tier. It’s still obvious you lost a bunch of games. It’s so random to say the stats don’t count when the only important thing (MMR) does.
  2. A green post basically saying MMR would change immediately followed this announcement and stayed unchallenged by Blizzard until almost the end of the season (a week back maybe). This information had been widely spread by popular YouTubers, as well as in the forums and on reddit. Again all without being contested by an official source until near the end.
  3. Sigma. To my knowledge Sigma is now the only new hero who could immediately be used in ranked. People’s difficulty playing him and playing against him were immediately reflected into ranked MMR no ramp up period. The whole concept of not letting new heroes be used in a competitive game mode was dropped here with no fanfare. And before you get on about how there’s ptr - the existence of ptr never justified an immediate release of other heroes. There’s also no ptr for console. It is very surprising that they allowed a new hero - especially one with such impact on the meta - to immediately affect ranked. Unprecedented. So him being included seemed fairly telling.
  4. The tone of the patch is highly experimental. New hero release. Role lock. Encouragement to play roles you aren’t good at without feeling you are letting your team down. Many people played cross role before to react to different enemy and ally comps as well as maps. Imagine you are such a flex player and now find you will need to solve all your problems within each individual class. If before you flexed roles around particular comps or maps you will now need to learn a bunch of new heroes. As this is the “beta” experimental season it seems wise to spend it learning heroes to round out your toolbox. Unfortunately despite this Bliz actually wanted you to just play your best heroes in each role or drop elo. More power to OTPs I guess.
  5. There is precedent for unranked beta. Off seasons have competitive rule set but do not impact MMR to my knowledge.
  6. Beta. Seriously why is it beta? It’s identical to season 18 except it was the first with 2-2-2. There was no need to call it something different. Call it Season A if you really need to show where we split to 2-2-2. God knows they were never gonna not go through with it. Being a beta combined with these other aspects definitely makes it feel like it could be an uncounted season

There’s probably more reasons to have been uncertain about the MMR situation but I’m passing out. Personally I assumed they would be too lazy to work with the data fresh next season and not base stuff off of this chaotic pseudo troll season. To be honest I had just assumed they were lying to us and so played my normal heroes. Turns out I had misread the official statement as well and they didn’t tell us one way or another - just kinda implied this season didn’t matter and then ignored all the widely viewed sources parroting that. I’m up MMR so it doesn’t bother me - but anyone pretending it was clear or obvious seems kinda desperate to be smart. They didn’t clearly state anything about MMR until late in the season.

The takeaway is you should never throw games. It’s not fun for your teammates even if it’s not a valid season.

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Well… sucks to be the guy who thought he/she/they could experiment in the beta LOL

Welp. I kinda really not impressed. If you were throwing, experimenting, then it’s absolutely your fault. Comp (even it just a beta) is not a place to experiment, let alone throw matches.

If you just lost rating by loosing games not bcs of your fault of experimenting, then just… unlucky I guess.

If you actually thought blizzard knew what they were doing you are very much in need of a wake up call. I’ve played blizzard games for years. I remember back in the day when playing WoW they would reset all character stats almost daily because they had issues with balance. Talk about frustration log in have to reassign all your skills day after day.

Role queue beta started august 13. That post was august 26, well over halfway through the season. The initial post said:

and was the best reference material available for the first half of the role queue.

Myself and some others on the forums suggested they would probably keep MMR, but it’s still perfectly reasonable to read that post and assume it doesn’t count in any way. It was poorly handled, presumably to reduce toxicity from people who rightfully assumed it shouldn’t have been counted in it’s infancy.

they did not tell us from the start of beta. they told us half way through beta that they will count it for next season.