I think Zen's Nerf is unjustified


Really Zen is hard to master as a hero, playing him well should be rewarding. His kit is quite simplistic after all, I don’t think he needed that. He’s already vulnerable to flankers, don’t make it worse

Ummm... Zen Nerf?

wait zennyata got nerfed ? when ?


you can check the full patchnote on the PTR feedback section

Ummm... Zen Nerf?

It’s a very minor nerf. Won’t change his viability. This was because spamming right click into enemies was really a little too strong.

Don’t worry about it :slight_smile:


Zen’s nerf doesn’t affect his skill ceiling though, rather it makes him have to consider when he right clicks more. Before people abused this mechanic to only deal damage as zen.


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When I heard he got nerfed I was worried they went and butchered his Orb of Discord or something, to be honest I rarely use his right click anyway so that’s a relief


Eh, his alt fire is probably the least skillful part of his kit. More often than not it’s spammed down a choke for random kills as someone has the unfortunate timing of turning the corner.


use it more, spamming it from distance to enemies is so strong


IT’s not so much about the nerf tbh, it’s more about the Idea that he’s getting a nerf. Zen never was a problem, this game has heroes who could definitely use more attention, and while we’re waiting forever for requested changes , we get unwanted nerfs to heroes who don’t really need them…


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I mained him during first season and quickly fell in love with him, he’s a great easy to learn, hard to master type hero.

These days, I hate him. I never used right click, it just seems useless, much like MC and his fan but people just seem to be using that thing these days instead of his primary fire and HOPING they’ll land a hit and get an instant kill. It’s a cheap and cheesy ability and I’d rather they removed it and replaced it with a utility. Something like a temp invulnerability that would allow him to disengage, much like Reaper’s thingy.


I have not tried ptr zen out yet but wouldnt this just make him easier to kill by tracer?


Not really, alt fire isn’t a good way to kill Tracer imo, but rather well placed left clicks.


The change is really not that much though…


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wtf…blizzard just keep trying to keep the dive meta all cost…Zen is actual a real skilled hero to play not like the hero you try to protect with this stupid nerf blizzard.


It is though; two orbs to the head kill her before she can recall.


zen is part of the dive core but go off


Zen is one of the reasons why dive (you know, the meta nearly everybody is sick of by this point?) is so effective. He’s honestly overpowered but manages to slide under the radar because he’s a support and dies to Tracer who everyone already hates.