I think this patch makes GOATS stronger

With Brigitte’s healing being buffed that only improves the HPS to support the meatballs of Triple Tank, whilst Doomfist being nerfed will decrease the counterplay that he can offer. If it’s GOATS that people take issue with this then they shouldn’t support this patch. I’ve played Brigitte since she first hit the PTR and have tried the new patch and quite honestly she doesn’t really care about the changes at all. Just my two cents - I’d love to be told I’m wrong tbh.


I agree completely, the changes make very little sense, especially targeting two melee characters. Brig’s changes nerf her solo playstyle slightly, but overall improve how she functions in a brawl comp such as goats while still maintaining the effective role she possessed already. Doomfist received two completely unnecessary buffs many patches ago when he was in a good state, he is now receiving four nerfs, all of which destroy how he functions as a character, especially after the introduction of yet another counter being introduced in the form of Ashe.
Honestly this entire ptr patch should be scrapped.


I don’t play Doomfist so I defer to other players about how he is affected (he still seems very capable on PTR tbh), but I do play (a lot of) Brigitte and these changes are not where she should be targeted in my humble opinion. Her strongest ability is Repair Pack and I feel that Rally is a disagreeable ultimate.

Isn’t that 0.67 heal per second buff?

this one. I think the whole cooldown reduction is the key here. Playing her on PTR she feels more capable at keeping herself alive, as well as others.

what’s the point of cd reduction if it doesn’t stack
it just increases the duration
while heal is increased from 16hps to 16.67

hmm… if we furrow our brows hard enough in a pentagram shape maybe a Dev will come and explain this to us

The cooldown reduction lets Brig heal non-brawling allies more easily. She can activate Inspire basically whenever allies come in range, and even if they leave its range immediately, they still get the full healing from that one instance, which is now 100 HP up from 80 HP.

So a brawling Hero like Reinhardt gets healed marginally faster, but a Genji passing through Inspire range will get more total healing without having to stick around for it. This change makes Brigitte’s healing a little less brawl-dependent overall.


Thank you! 20 characters

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This is my biggest issue with the change. It is the kind of thing that is gonna absolutely dumpster her once they finally address the actual issues with GOATs and finally tone down the sustain she offers, but I doubt the changes will make an immediate impact on her because the sustain she provides is still overtuned.

She got some of the smallest numbers of elims and damage in this game.

It’s like people were insistent that the biggest issue with Mercy was her rez. And no, it wasn’t.

Mercy’s biggest issue was the lack of competition in stopping a tank from dying. Her only competition was Zen, who was also overused alongside her. The moment Lucio and Ana were able to do the same the issue was solved.

Same is true of Brigitte, only they actually dumpstered her ability.

I don’t see how a future Brig offers anything when she has no real damage at any range and no longer offers her team a ton of sustain.

And then she’ll languish at the bottom of the barrel for ages like Bastion did…

In all honesty, GOATS cannot be nerfed.

A new hero has to be made to counter it. And i agree more AOE heals will make it better, while BRIG can still skirt REIN and bash him with a speedbusted comp.

This is why i think it’s dumb to release heroes every 4 months. A flamethrower hero is the perfect time to nerf GOATS since he’d have AOE spread perfect for such a comp and would. At the very least DYNAMITE needs to do bonus damage to armor like molten core.

Her direct HPS is only going up 0.6. Its not gonna affect GOATs much at all.

I don’t think you understand how Inspire works.
All the inspire changes do, is give Brigitte an extra 0.67h/sec and a 20hp heal if brigitte stops hitting, that happens most likely when the fight is over, which won’t matter at that point.
She will now heal 16.67h/sec instead of 16h/sec.
So she basically traded most of her utility for nothing.

Just watch this video, that explains it in detail:

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oh wait youre right! thanks for sharing this, i didnt think of it myself

‘all of which destroys how he functions as a character’ Oh helllllll no. 100% the slam distance nerf… maybe the ult change but everything else was 100% necessary.

i feel that you may be right-ish.

for a while now i felt that brig needs the “lucio treatment” of doing less self-healing and slightly more team-healing.

so the 100 healing per swing is good, but done over the old duration (5 secs instead of 6?)

that would solve some of her tankiness without smashing it or destroying her usefulness.

also, it may be another patch (maybe roadhog, reaper love?) for goats to be relegated to the good old days. i have no idea how the beefiness of that comp can be reduced.