I think it's time to decrease after game wait time

We have all seen the new trend of instead of waiting for the +30seconds of wait time between each game, that now players opt for leaving the game lobby in favor of searching for a new match. As it’s faster than waiting the extra time for after game lobby.
I imagine this also puts more strain on the LFG servers as the increase in players instead of staying with an end-game lobby searches for a new one altogether. Creating inefficiencies in the backend LFG system.

Take a look at Battlefield Bad Company 2, I prominently remember a similar system but far less wait between games.

Give us an option to vote to skip waiting that excess time, you simply lower the wait time altogether. What the gamers truly want is to wait less play more!


I am a little confused, are you talking about instantly requeing for a new match after you leave a current match where the post game sequence is still playing out? This is deliberate:


Thanks for that link Wyoming. Good info.

Leave to not see all the toxic chat after game is over, not because it finds a game faster.

It’s deliberate but, it’s a significant waste of player time and can make players feel the queue is slower than it actually is.

Thanks for all the feedback I appreciate it! it makes me feel alittle more assured thats not how everyone really feels and its not the reason for the major increase in leaves after game :slight_smile: