I think Blizzard intentionally coded frozen enemies to not be able to get headshotted as easily

I’m not even joking. I think all frozen variants of heroes have their head hitbox halved or something. I literally point blank shot Roadhog in the face with an icicle and only did normal damage.

I tried this with Moira with regular freeze, this time keeping distance, and still dealt normal damage.

What’s going on?

i was playing mei on volskaya yesterday and it worked perfectly fine, i was playing ana against a mei and she definitely froze and headshotted me

It’s a bug where the player hitbox while frozen doesnt seem to match the visuals. The head hitbox is still there, just not always where it appears to be. TBH I’m really shocked they haven’t fixed it. It’s been broken for a while now.

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Here is an excellent forum thread created by Mitchel describing the issue.


What happens is the enemy (typically it’s Roadhog and Winston) will be in an alternate animation (like their E, Shift, or ultimate) when they get frozen. When the ability wears off, their hitbox remorphs back to what it’s supposed to be, but the model stays frozen in their previous state. So the hitbox is suddenly nowhere near what it’s supposed to be.

This is why, when the freeze effect wears off, they seem to pop out of it in a different position almost instantly.