I run the game fine, but my rendering device is still lost

I have all of my visual settings set to low and I run it fine with around 40 fps, yet I still have the message popping up saying “your rendering device has been lost”.

Any idea what could be going on?

I am running the game on a HP Envy 17-j120us laptop. (not sure if this is useful info)

Seeing that you’re running it on a laptop it might be a problem with it properly detecting you’re graphics card assuming it has one. Some laptops have both integrated graphics in the cpu and a graphics card. Games tend to get confused by this and default to the integrated cpu graphics or other similar problems. Make sure Overwatch is running off the graphics card and not the cpu by default (For Nvidia you can do this by right-clicking the desktop and selecting Nvidia Control Panel)

I looked up the stats of your HP Envy-17-j120us laptop (CNet external link). It appears the Laptop runs an Intel HD 4600 integrated graphics chipset. This BARELY meets the minimum requirements for Overwatch. That being said it is still possible to encounter Rendering Device Lost errors if you are running your settings too high. More details here: