I Reset Winsock data, now can't connect

I wouldn’t be 100% confident in saying its the commands that are causing the issue. If it was a configuration issue that was caused from using the previous commands, I’d expect the issue to be consistent. Instead there have been times where you were able to log in and play based on your previous responses.

If you’re able to try it on a different computer, let’s give that a try. As for the mobile connection, as long as you don’t have anything downloading in the background, the game itself shouldn’t consume that much data. We wouldn’t need to play a match to test, rather we’d just need to be able to see if you can connect.

Yes, I was able to log in for a few minutes, but since then, can’t log in without the ‘lost connection to game server error’. I will run WinMTR on the house’s computer when I can, in about an hour. Thanks a lot for your help. Hope we can get this resolved.

Sure thing. Posting here so you’ll be able to post again later :slight_smile:

Could you walk me through doing it through the hotspot connection instead?

That’s not something I’d be able to walk you through specifically as its going to vary depending on the phone that you’re using and the version of the OS installed. As well, it would depend if you’re data plan supports tethering as tethering is sometimes going to be an extra cost. If you’re unsure if its part of your plan or how to use it, we generally recommend contacting the carrier.

I tried to run WinMTR, but the computer in the house is a Mac.

Ah, guess there was a misunderstanding. I meant to try the game on a different computer if there was one in the house. Not the WinMTR test.

Well the house’s mpbs is 15, while mine is just 1. Not sure if this is connected. Any other ideas?


Based on all of the information provided thus far, it’s almost certain that the problem exists in the connection between your router and modem. If you haven’t yet, you can try power cycling BOTH the modem and the router. One may just be flooded.

If that doesn’t work, All of the steps we’re doing thus far are just diagnostic steps to help figure out where the problem lies. Your best bet is honestly going to be getting a very long ethernet cable in this case or temporarily moving your PC next to the modem, and testing to see if the issue is fixed while wired into the modem directly.

If it works on the modem, we know the problem is either:

  1. Your router - troubleshoot that by contacting the manufacturer of the router and talking with their support team and replace it if that fails
  2. The wiring between your router/modem - you’ll need to have someone troubleshoot those.

If it does not work while wired directly into the modem, the problem is probably the modem itself. In that case your best bet is trying to replace that instead. If you’re renting either the modem or router from your ISP, you can work with the ISP to troubleshoot them/replace them as needed.

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