I really hate smurfs

Dude, I’m in bronze. A Widow that doesn’t miss a shot shouldn’t be in my matches.


yep too bad the dev’s don’t feel the same


I just got another match against the same smurf only this time he was on Genji and clearly throwing. The other team was furious.

A widow that doesn’t miss a shot ? you sure that it was a aimbot?

ill be uploading some new content soon

Smurfs don’t pick Genji to throw on that hero, they do the opposite.

If their intention was to throw to keep their SR low, they would have chosen a hero with more than 200 hp and fed repeatedly.

It’s highly probable that both teams trash talked this ‘smurf’ and offered them no support whatsoever. There’s an even higher likelihood that they weren’t a smurf at all, just someone who had a great game on hitscan. And I speak from experience, because I’m starting to realize how prevalent soft throwing is in this game when you’re on the same team as some of the players you smoked last game.

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Jeff recently admitted smurfing is a problem and that they’re working on a solution.

Inb4 the schills and flat-earther arguments:

  • “Git gud and rank up.”
  • You’re at the rank you belong.
  • The system is perfect.
  • Good/bad players will balance out.
  • I’ve climbed from bronze to masters in a day.
  • I can take any account to Masters and do it regularly, 5+ times now.

But only after we get better voiceline wheels and sorted player icons.

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Technically the game balances for good/bad players from the data it has. But no automated system will ever be able to guess whether or not someone will or will not try, or any other human nature act that can destroy the quality of a match.

Link a source? 20characters.


What I discerned from Jeff’s remarks are: “Yeah, Consoles don’t bring us any money, so please buy OW2!!!. The PC smurfs are fair, balanced, and will rank up naturally because our system is wonderful and my balding head is VERY masculine and not at all weak or beta.”

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The modelling and forecasting of “Player intent” is something all AAA are actively chasing with hidden AI/ML and data tracking. Any AAA worth a grain with some active R&D. Not sure where Blizz stands in that regard.

Players will leave behind inadvertent patterns in their try/notry, even trying to be random. (Humans are very bad at behaving randomly). And smart algs will try and guess when a player is going to bust out tracer and annihilate a team of noobs. Like most online data collection, the endgoal with intent modelling is just to make more dollars. Like most classifier attempts, they can be foiled.

The lowtech approach (which I think they’ve adopted) is to just match hidden trumpcard accounts with other hidden trumpcards, in an attempt to balk out a rage swap to the main on both sides. Once you’ve shown your true colors you get that pinned mmr expectation I was talking about.

yeah after 4 years of complete and utter bs

There’s also a lot of bad players that are running aimbots/wallhacks that claim to be smurfs too.

Competitive integrity hasn’t existed anymore in this game ever since they decided to include golden gun points in S2.

Yeah and no. Yeah, I get what you’re saying and No, it was a smurf.
After I reviewed both matches it was obvious what happened.
The smurf dominated on the Busan maps due to better sight lines and safe areas. Also my team had more oblivious players.
The match that I (wrongly) assumed was a throw was Volskaya. My team had Double shield, Bastion, Torb.
The smurf was highly proficient at Widow, Tracer and Genji but the Volskaya team was beefy enough, and jammed into the choke, that he couldn’t get picks fast enough to keep us staggered. Also, it was clear by Match chat that some toxic stuff was going on in their team chat by round 2.

The last 5 or 6 matches I played all had smurfs or throwers. It’s bad enough getting smashed by them in competitive matches, but being a damage dealer against smurfs, everyone blames you losing. It perpetuates an already bad situation.
I’ve gotten out of bronze when I play during the day, but I play mostly at night when it’s a higher % of smurfs. I’ve played competitive sports my whole life. Always play to win, but if winning isn’t possible, play to learn.
Really frustrating though to get owned by smurfs, and, on top of it, have to deal with toxic, name calling whiners. None of my friends play anymore, because of a mix of smurfs and toxic, rude people.
Anyway, I think the smurf mentality is that of bullies and cowards. A lot of people mix up having multiple accounts, with smurfs. They are not the same thing. Smurfs are people who have multiple accounts, for the sole purpose of destroying players who are not at the same skill level as them. Winning is not their objective.

I’d love to see you say this to Vin Diesel and Dwanyne Johnon.

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