I noticed that the Damage Indicator got a Secret Nerf

Why am I the Only person who noticed this change.

You know how if you take damage, not only does the Damage indicator show where the damage is coming from, but it also follows the Person inflicting the damage when they start moving?

But after the season 9 patch, I noticed that the Damage indicator now only stays fixated to the position the Opponent was initially standing when they took the shot.

I don’t know if this is a Bug or a Feature, but it gave tracer an indirect buff.

Before, after tracer recalls, the Damage Indicator tells you where she would be half a second before she appears again.
But Now, the damage indicator no longer follows and you have to guess where she is going to be when she recalls.

Same with moira and her fade.


Sounds buffering issues lag spikes during overtime, no regs… the servers are struggling/rigging easier to see lol

oh is that why im always losing track of Moira when im constantly in a 1 v 1 with her and she always wins cause when she fades i lose complete sight of where she went

It’s been a constant issue since day one of OW1. Lag screws with everything, including sound cues and footsteps.

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I noticed it when getting damaged by Symm’s orbs. I couldn’t find where they were.

I genuinely didn’t even know it was supposed to work differently than it does now😂

Small indie company tbh

I’ not really sure about that, since i never experienced it Until Season 9, the Indicator Stop Following the One inflicting the Damage, it’s the Only change I don’t like.