I Need Some Help With My New PC


Ok So I Am Planning To Build A New Pc For Esports Games Such as overwatch And I Would Like To Know If My Pc Will Be Able To Run Overwatch And If So What FPS Should I Expect
Here Are The Specs GPU: GT 1030 2GB Low Profile. CPU: Dual Core E5400 2.70GHZ. RAM: 4GB Thanks.


The Intel CPU is below Overwatch’s Minimum System Requirements. Your graphics card is only a GT graphics card and not a GTX, so it also underpowered. Your RAM is barely within Minimum but not the Recommended level. I don’t believe you will be able to run Overwatch with the specified hardware.

Check out my guide here for more advanced tips on planning a gaming specific rig for Overwatch:


this is not good. Id get at least an i5 and a gtx970 and 8 gb ram


I Know I Get That Its Underpowered But Will It Run It Or Not I Dont Have The PC Yet All I Know Is The Specs I Have Watched A Few Videos And It Says I Will Run On LOw At 60-80 fps I Just Wanted To KNow If Thats True Or Not


I mean, technically true… but I used to run on dual core Pentium 4400 and it ran just fine. Having said that, if the OP is really looking to be competitive he will definitely need better, you aren’t going to get high end fps from any of that stuff.


With your hardware, Overwatch will deliberately block the game from even launching. Getting an error such as “No Compatible Graphics Hardware Found”. Sadly if you want an “eSports rig” gonna have to really upgrade your hardware list there.


Ok I Legit Just Wanna Run The Game On Low Settings If Needed But At 50fps min or atleast a playable Fps I Cant Upgrade anything as my budget is £140 Unless I Find Something Better Under 140 Then Thats All i have


Keep saving, you can make more than enough with a part time job


what Is It Thats Is Making that error would it be the cpu or everything


That error comes up if the GPU is inadequate, which yours is, an inadequate CPU often results in “General Error (x1XXXXXX)” of sorts. I am just saying, please don’t ruin your experience by going cheap. You will enjoy Overwatch to its maximum benefit if you can meet the recommended system requirements.


yeah The One Problem Is That I Dont Have Any Way To make Money And The Money I Get Is For My Birthday In July And The Budget Is £140 So Unless I Find Something Better For Either Less Or The Same Amount Then This Is All I Have


Sir I know this isn’t relevant, but you don’t have to capitalize every letter of a word other than the first word in a sentence.
Also if your trying to get a good PC i suggest you just wait until you have enough money to get a solid pc. Getting a pre-built pc is the way to go right now unfortunately.


I Know that i personally just think it looks nicer with capital at the start lmao


With those specs, probably better to either:

  1. find a used / refurb pre-built PC with slightly better specs, or

  2. play on console instead (Xbox One S bundles are only like $250, and buying used can bring the price down even more)


Ok Thanks I Have A Xbox One Anyway And Im planning to build a pc for my bday anyway just for games like cs rocket league and gaes like that i was just hoping it could run overwatch too it would be a bonus


Then it looks like you will have to hold off for now unless you can buy something used at this point. I am guessing you are already playing on Consoles?


Might could try a pawn shop, second hand store, or look for someone piecing out an old system. Trying to build a system for gaming with a 140 Pound / 200 USD isn’t going to get you much. And like everyone else said, you might hold off until you can afford a bit more. If nothing else, you could try and get in on holiday deals in November/December?


yeah im on xbox tbh i think the best option atm is to just upgrade the xbox one i have with accesories it cheaper and better in this case tysm for your help


here: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/JWJ6XP


And why in the world do you think getting a prebuilt PC is the way to go?
Building your own PC is normally 1/3 to 2/3 of the cost of buying one and with better performance.

The same “4000$” PC prebuilt for you would only cost you 2500 in parts by comparison.
It is super easy to have someone assemble a PC for you, it generally takes ten minutes given the fact that they are adult Legos.

The OP needs to go to a tech website and get his answer like Tom’s Hardware, or google search for Low Budget OW gaming PC.
Can I run It will tell you a few options for prebuilt, but you can build those 400$ ones for cheaper yourself.
There’s MiniATX PC cases for less than 20$

But more than half the people on this site will have no insight to give or know anything about it, So like I said,
He should take this to a tech site or search for existing articles as there are Plenty.