I miss old junkrat


I play Zen. I miss old junkrat too. :stuck_out_tongue:


not really trolling im just saying an opinion


I still can’t believe back then Blizz thought it would be a great idea to release Zen with 150 hp, 100 of that being shields.

What were they thinking?


So you enjoyed being a free kill every time a Winston and Dva jumped you because you killed yourself on their shield or their huge hitbox?


This is even worse when considering Widow could one-tap both Zen and Tracer with a body shot.



But look at it this way, you make a claim at the start of the thread, but statistically every other kill you make in comp as Junkrat, you die. 2kdr So , is a free kill one you dont immediately die for? And you went from plat season 5 suddenly to Masters in season 6? So where were you missing old junkrat?

Its questionable reasoning at best.


If you didn’t he’d be safe enough to get up close and land every shot. Shields are cool and good to play around walls. He has to be made of glass. Sucks that some ults are just a delete zen button but without that he’d be a straight up dps and they keep him in check. My only issue is that the tire takes so long, hearing it driving around is excruciating when you already know its coming for you. I just want it over with. But tire needs to be easily gained otherwise it would run a loss versus zen and his own ult. If it took as long as zen’s to build it would hardly be any kind of interuption.


you and I both, sadly theres no chance hell be reverted to 1.0


Old Junkrat, new Junkrat, his damage has always been absurd.


New Junkrat makes the game more vertical and although I don’t play him, I wouldn’t change a thing. He just doesn’t get respect because nobody believes anything he does was intentional. If he nades you, they were lucky spammy shots. If he mines or traps you, cheap shots. People need to just embrace him as a highly mobile area denial hero.


give me time to think about it


What the devs intend and what players actually do are two very different things (eg, scatter arrow); Instead of people using junkrats extra mine for vertical height such as killing pharah more easily, they use the extra mine to chuck into peoples faces the moment they see you. Combo that with a nade spam and it becomes cheap as hell to die to


Whats your quandary about the statement?


Then just go to imagination land and pretend he has a track assist like sym moira or winston and play against him like that. Its not cheap if you know he’s going to do it and you walk into it.


I wish they would only give him a second mine if it get’s a kill with the first one. He’s so extremely low skill and yet so strong it’s infuriating.


Go look up Jeff’s comment on the “Trickle down meta is not real” thread in the dev tracker.

There is a reason JR drops off completely at your level


I have 350 hours and played him sinve season 2

Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like if he was never changed


I’ve seen him in over 50% of my games what do you mean?! This season.

I see less Soldier than JR. You’re misinformed.


Follow my instruction in the last post and see Jeff post proof he is not in the top 10 for anything above plat. You know what, it’s proving diificult, I will just Quote it

Anecdotal evidence of what you saw is not actual evidence


False. bears beets battlestar galactica