I miss not having 2 cp maps

Your opinion. Not mine, or Blizzard’s.

Well, for one, I never said you couldn’t, but let’s play by the rules, Captain Ethics. https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/42673 it’s not a violation of the code of conduct, clearly, given that there’s literally no punishment for it. But you know what there IS punishment for?

“While we encourage you to report players that are behaving in a disrespectful manner, falsely reporting another player with the sole intent of restricting their gameplay is also unacceptable and will result in penalties to your account.”

You’re trying to force me to play the game in a way that Blizzard doesn’t want by abusing the report system! I can’t wait for your account to be permabanned! /s

But, honestly, reports are to notify Blizzard of violations of the code of conduct, which this isn’t. Keep reporting if you want, but as long as we’re clear on that.

Here’s the thing, who’s bragging? I’m not bragging. It’s a statement of fact. People, like the entire point of this thread, don’t like 2CP. I don’t think it’s some token of accomplishment or badge of honor. It’s a statement of fact in the middle of a discussion about a public conversation regarding whether or not 2CP sucks, which I think it does.

You think I’m uncomfortable because I’m intimidated by your superior morality, but you’re the one who has your underwear in a knot because people don’t like your favorite game mode or abide by YOUR personal code of “gamer ethics.”

lmao yeah, you’re not arrogant at all.

I literally do though. Blizzard does not punish people for leaving exhibition or arcade games during setup. I’m allowed to do it because Blizzard allows me. If YOU disagree with it, fine by me, but I am perfectly allowed to lol

You’ve already used this comparison, and it’s not a good one. A better comparison, imagine if the only place to play Uno was a local game store that owned the game, and they had thousands upon thousands of tables, and there were four different rulesets, but one of them was widely unpopular and one of them people said “oh, we’re playing Uno 2CP? Eff this” and they leave the table. And this becomes a widespread enough problem that the company running this Uno hall is like “okay guys, we’re replacing Uno 2CP with Uno Push, we think it’ll work out better.” There would be a small section of people in the back stamping their feet and yelling “BUT WE LIKE 2CP, OMG, YOU SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE TABLES!” and the owners of the hall said “no, no, you can totally leave when the game type is announced, it’s okay, and honestly WAY too many people aren’t fans of it, it will be better for the hall and the players if we just got rid of it.”

Like everything you’ve said isn’t the same lmao but I’ll play along.

I’m not gonna verify the dates because I don’t care enough to go dig all this out, buuuut

HLC and Paris got removed a few months ago
Almost a year ago 2CP got announced as being discontinued
HLC and Paris were announced to be getting “reworked” a few months prior to that
Almost two years ago there was that failed experiment card of “one of the many ways we have tried to unsuccessfully fix 2CP, we just wanted you guys to see the ways we’re trying to fix it!”
There was that patch where respawn at point B was made instantaneous for a few seconds after point A was taken because people were tired of getting both points taken in a matter of like 45 seconds.
https://mystgraphics.com/overwatchforumarchive/maps-assaultmaps.html here’s an archived post from December 2016 of Jeff Kaplan admitting that Hanamura has a problem. 2CP has been struggling for a long time, dude. Not opinion, factually.

There’s probably more, but it was an unpopular mode even before this. Most pros, streamers, and players just don’t like it.

It’s not a violation of Blizzard’s code of conduct. It’s a violation of YOUR personal code of conduct. It’s EXACTLY what you’re saying. The future of gaming isn’t very bright in your opinion because people don’t ascribe to your way of thinking.

Okay, but, 2CP is being taken out because no one likes it.

Why is it SOOOO disgusting though? It’s how it works. If people don’t like the product the product won’t work. That happened to 2CP, clearly.

Sure, except for the part where it’s being taken out because most people didn’t find it fun. I found MULTIPLE posts from 2017 of people saying 2CP wasn’t liked. Titles like “remove it entirely” “why everyone hates it” “it’s garbage” etc. The community has been against it for a long, long time. You’re on the outside of this one.

/shrug multiplayer game industry is doing pretty all right with people like me and the people at large who don’t like 2CP enough for it to be taken out of the game.

You literally do the same thing lmao where is your evidence for ANY of this? King of the Hill is OW2’s most successful game mode! People are too stupid to know they actually LIKE 2CP it’s just an echo chamber problem!

You are…you are a trip. Hope you get a nice trophy for your ethics.

Not acceptable to YOU.


I’ve never gotten suspended for leaving games! We’re on the same level!

Oh my God you deserve TWO medals! What facts? WHAT FACTS lmao


What about these facts? A Blizzard tech support agent telling you that you’re inappropriate for your reports.


You’re getting toxicity because you’re arrogant lol “all I’m doing is telling people that they’re bad people and disgusting humans for doing things that are allowed by Blizzard, why is everyone so mad?”

Cool, so we’re on the same page there at least.

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So, following this logic you ARE falsely reporting people. You may not be suspended for it, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t breaking the rules. I guess you are an unethical gamer after all.

That post only concerns Competitive for what I can tell and it doesn’t say anything about people who say “eff this game / eff 2CP” and that proceed to leave which can easily stand for abusive chat and griefing / inactivity since they’re literally announcing they’re about to leave because they want to boycott a match or an entire game mode.

The post you linked seems to suggest that reporting leavers in a Comp match without connecting back is not reportable (which I agree with and I personally never reported a leaver in a Competitive match because most of the time it was disconnecting issues, I can’t remember having someone deliberately leaving and announcing it in Competitive, at the elo I was playing in).

Nice try but unless someone from the OW team clearly states it’s ok to to grief and boycott (by leaving on purpose) an entire game mode after having announced they were willing to do so in chat (with derogative terms), I’m gonna keep reporting toxicity and players with behavioral issues.

What you posted is basically out of topic and doesn’t match the thing I was reporting. The very topic of this thread is boycotting parts of the game, not leaving a game because of disconnecting issues or out of temporary anger over a losing match.

People that leave 2CP are doing it for an entirely different reason that is not covered by what you just posted (and it usually happens in QP because when 2CP was present in Competitive, people wouldn’t leave as they were too afraid of losing their precious SR).


The Widow left MID MATCH after saying “see ya later retards” and this is what was said about reporting leavers.

He goes on to say that if someone does abusive chat while leaving, like “see ya later retards” THAT’S reportable for abusive chat, but the leaving is NOT. You REALLY think that leaving MID MATCH in comp is somehow less disruptive than leaving in the beginning of the game?

The punishment is built in, thus reporting it is not okay. For all modes. They’re okay with it in quickplay setup.

Leaving is indisputably NOT reportable offense. I don’t personally care that you’re doing it, but you’re on some huge tirade about “gamer ethics” against people who didn’t even break a rule.

You keep telling people they’re disgusting and ruining the game and genuinely bad people because they don’t ascribe to your personal gamer philosophy, and you’re surprised that people think you’re arrogant, rude, and pretentious.

You’re free to think what you what, but I’m free to disagree with you and think you’re rude for how you conduct yourself.


Since my past comments from another thread have come into this one, I will reiterate that if a leaver is unexplained and random, they should not be reported. A leaver can occur for a variety of reasons, including disconnections and even when the timing feels like they did it intentionally. When a person leaves a Competitive match and fails to return, they are suspended for 15 minutes or more, depending on how frequently they are leaving games. It also takes as little as five leaver violations to trigger a season ban and three season bans permanently bans that account from the Competitive Play mode. In all modes, repeatedly leaving will invoke harsh XP penalties and reduction in Endorsement level status.

If they are being disruptive in communication or finding other ways to sabotage a match such as blatant feeding or inting, please report that.

I also will remind all of you that the Overwatch Team is aware of the increase in disruptive behavior overall, and Community Manager AndyB did confirm increased steps of action to cut down on that behavior is coming soon.


inb4 “see he says UNEXPLAINED if they say ‘eff 2cp’ and leave it’s NOT unexplained!” even though Myst literally says a Widow saying “see ya later retards” and leaves mid match isn’t reportable for leaving, but is reportable for abusive chat.

Thanks for confirming me that all my reports concerning disruptive behavior in regards to 2CP (in chat and the griefing and inactivity that followed) were perfectly acceptable.

I really hope the Overwatch Team is willing to do something about the increase of disruptive behavior overall and all the in-game boycott that is running rampant for quite some time.

I hope for temporary to permabans for players that are not willing to play by the game’s rules because of personal and biased hatred towards a map, hero or game mode in the nearest future possible.

having Dog Turd flavoured ice cream is not better than not having ice cream

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annnnnnnnnnnd there it is. I am not surprised you only took what you wanted out of that lol

High five.


It will get better when 2cp is removed :slight_smile:


I’m blown away that a player insulting his team and leaving mid match is NOT reportable for leaving, but because afk throwing/inting is reportable he thinks they’re the same thing.

Leaving a quickplay match is not reportable. Comp already punishes you.

You get punished for constant leaving with an xp penalty. But I probably leave most of the matches when I see 2 cp come up before a match starts, or usually I am backfilling an almost done 2 cp close to overtime.

Overall I wish Overwatch would allow you to queue into map types you actually want to play with Quickplay, as quickplay tries to make a fair match.

I never go into a 2 cp map and get excited to play, I just want to quit the match and requeue. It’s especially dissapointing if you queue as dps, since it can be like an 8 minute queue if your pass doesn’t go through.

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It will not. Another game mode, game design, hero or map will become the next scapegoat. There’s basically no end to it until the Overwatch Team gets back to sanctioning those players harder (and that disruptive behavior eventually ceases).

Apparently steps of action to cut down that behavior is on its way. So to everyone leaving / boycotting game modes or whatever else on purpose for any silly reason they find : enjoy doing so unpunished while it lasts :smiley:.

I will enjoy leaving every 2cp game until it is deleted :smile:

lmao the problem is you are assuming Blizzard defines “toxic and disruptive” the same way that you do, and they don’t.

You: If someone says “eff 2CP” and leaves, I’ll report them!
Us: That’s not reportable.
You: Yes it is!
WyomingMyst: Guys, even if someone looks like they’re intentionally leaving, leaving games is not a reportable offense, the punishment for leaving is already baked in. If they intentionally throw or int in a very obvious way or say abusive things, that is reportable. We are increasing measures to combat those things.
You: See he totally agrees with me. SEE YA LATER NERDS.

Like, it’s NOT against their code of conduct, he didn’t confirm you in any way. You hear the word “disruption” and assume everything that YOU find disruptive is on the table, because you’re drum roll insanely arrogant.


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That’s not cool bro.

A)   There is already a punishment for leaving built in.

B)   People have lives, and some people who leave may not being leaving just to skip that map / mode.

C)   Its Quick Play. Why be so salty over people who leave? Its not like they don’t get replaced.


Good for you, so will I enjoy reporting everyone that disrupts the good functioning of Overwatch by not abiding to its rules and game modes, until those steps of action from the Overwatch team are there.

Goodnight sir / ma’am ! :wink:

You will be waiting forever, given that they’re talking about inting and throwing, not leaving.

False equivalence. 2CP worked perfectly fine, and was liked by some people. Its similar to something like raisin ice cream.

Besides, if that’s your best insult to 2cp, I can just show your comment to others and say “should we really be listening to these people” and not argue beyond that.

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