I may have figured out the endorsement level system

If you play competitive, those matches can be VERY long sometimes and people in comp usually have low endorsement levels. QP matches are shorter and people have higher levels usually. If you play short arcade modes, like 3v3 elim, 5v5 elim, or CTF Blitz, or even deathmatch, people quite often have endorsement level 5 in those modes. It has to be somehow based on endorsements received per playtime, and not per matches!

Endorsement still exists in Overwatch 2?

Why don’t they just add automatic insults instead? That would be more honest.


It wouldn’t surprise me if that was an influence, but I have endorsement 4 as mostly competitive and I ignore the arcade like the plague. Player sentiment is also relevant. The mystery heroes crowd is obviously more friendly than the competitive crowd. If you lose in comp, it is a miracle to get one endorsement even if you performed admirably.

Class matters too. If you choose tank or support in open queue, you are far more likely to get an acknowledgement endorsement than if you did the same in role queue. Albeit, people tend to appreciate their supports the most as you directly aid them.

It’s because there’s a decay to the ‘friendship score’ (or whatever they call the number that determines your endorsement level).

If you’re playing longer games, such as comp, there are longer periods of time between when you can receive endorsements. Hence, more time for decay to take place, so lower overall levels if you’re someone who spends most of their time playing longer matches.

Not for certain, this is a theory, but I think if people avoid you it either tanks a chunk of your endorsement score (which will cause you to drop quicker) or just speeds up the decay. I was playing consistently back in 2021 and my score would go up to 4, sit there for awhile, then eventually drop back down to 3 for whatever reason. But one day I had a guy on my team who was complaining non-stop over the dumbest reasons and when I called him out on the fact that he wasn’t doing very good, I got the typical toxic player response and assume I got avoided since he claimed he was going to ‘farm me for free SR’.

I had just gone up to endorsement 4 2 games before that. I dropped to endorsement 3 right after that match.

Yeah this has always been the case for me. I had an account where I made it a point to hand out every endorsement after each match, and even shamelessly farmed some of them. Never hit level 5… but endlessly bounced back and forth between 3 and 4.

Then I had another account where I never endorsed anyone, and generally just ignored the system… and still bounced back and forth between 3 and 4 lol… who the heck knows.

Honestly endorsements weren’t even that rewarding and told you very little anyway. Anyone could just have friends boosting their endorsement and people just gave random endorsements most of the time. And the only reward was getting lootboxes equal to that of your EL. (I was level like 1100 by the time the endorsement system came around I think, I know my border was Silver or Gold) so it did very little for me since I had 90% of the cosmetics already.

But you could look at someone’s EL and see they’re high in ‘Good Sportsmanship’ and they’ll open their mouth and you’ll instantly realize it’s lazy endorsing or just enemy endorsing that got them that level.

In my experience, half the time I run into an endorsement level 5 player, they are easily the most toxic person I’ve ever met or one of the worst players I’ve ever met. It’s really bizarre.

Must have gotten endorsed by all the other toxic players taking over the game at this point lol

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It is not.

People just don’t care about who gets endorsement in qp. So they can endorse anyone just to get their exp reward. Comp mode is way more sweaty and people are more picky. And in comp mode most people play in groups so they will get endorsed way less.