I’m terrified/ yet so excited to hear news that roadhog is FINALLY getting a true buff

Man, I hope it’s a tighter spread or maybe a change to his feeding or whatever. Either way,



Roadhog’s Vape Juice™ is being given a second flavor. Heard it here first.


i cant believe roadhog is getting lipo for a smaller hitbox.

big is beautiful.

I heard his ultimate is him just crushing opponents like Snorlax.


I hope we find out what it is very soon but i am both very excited and very nervous

Hog is getting more buffs? Where did you hear that? :star_struck:


I think tighter spread is a very good possibility.

I think new torb is gonna be the test mule for tighter shotgun spread hero’s or whatever

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Source? Jdkdkdkkdkdkkdmdmdm

Your overwatch +unit lost YouTube channels!

Don’t call it a buff. Jeff didn’t. It’s “tuning/balancing”.
There’s a reasonable chance he’ll come out of it worse off.

There’s animation work required. Maybe they’re sticking in an animation where the hook chain wraps around a corner. :star_struck::thinking::drooling_face:

Your probably not wrong. But damn I wanna believe

Also my topic it feels like the devs hate tank players

I’m so excited. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a hero change since, ever. I really really want a good alternative to Zarya/Dva!!! I want to play Hog again! I have mastered the hook, and I want to put my hook and predictions into action!

I am honestly so happy that he’s just getting looked at.

Or you could just get it straight from the source.

Pure Jeff:

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I like how he’s like “we do not!” and everyone is like “here’s why we think that” and then crickets.

Tank god (oh ho). Dkdkdk


I started on console about season 9 and fell in love with the big boi pig boi

I’ve seen him gradually become more awful and hard to play yet… willed through it.

Season 10 was REALLY rough with from the factory brig

lol i dont actually believe they hate tank players but at the same time a lot of changes does make tanking more difficult i just wish my post didnt get so much attention because it was salty and not rational but i guess it worked :stuck_out_tongue: