I’m just now realizing how good hanzo could be when PTR goes live


My aim is already on point, but imagine how much easier shredding tanks would be. We thought that the old spamzo was good before, Cant wait for this though.


Armor changes have almost no effect on hanzo.


He’ll do like, 2 extra damage per shot against armour, it won’t be much help. Knocking D.Va and Winston into the dumpster and the universal Rein/Zarya meta we are about to get will help him though.


We shall see. :slightly_smiling_face: hehehehahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! sorry


I don’t think you know how armor works.

It reduces 3 damage per shot.
Which means if he did 150 damage it would reduce it to 147.


Amour changes affect people who hit fasts a light. Not heroes that hit slow and hard.


Ok then, let me bring to the table: Tracer.

heheheheheheHAHAHAHAHAHAH sorry.


Same thing, she does 6 per pellet, and old armor halved that, she’ll still only be doing 3 per body shot. She’ll be gaining 2 more damage for each headshotted pellet.


I think you are also forgetting brig nerfs and everything that has happened, tracer has been in a good spot since those nerfs I just hope that dps hero’s can take the meta for a while.


I’m not, I was only talking about the armor change. However, yes, Tracer will probably see a rise in use once again.


This site has a graph that shows which heroes benefit from the armour changes and how if you are interested

http s://www.dexerto.com/overwatch/here-are-the-overwatch-heroes-that-benefit-the-most-from-the-new-armor-nerfs-277605



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It’s not the armour changes, it’s the fact that Defense Matrix can’t counter at least 50% of Storm Arrows now that it has a 2 second cooldown, so a Spamzo can fire off 100% of Storm Arrows as soon as DM goes down.