I’m going to Dairy Queen


Cookie dough Blizzard please.

I can’t pay you back, because I’m broke.
And I can’t carry you to GM, because I suck.

…could I still have a Blizz tho?


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Lol whut? Could you translate that fam?


A rein bux fix with cherries plz


Does DQ still sell breaded mushrooms? I sorta miss those. Would love a bucket of those.


I don’t think they have Dairy Queens in CT, can someone send me the menu.


He did. He just never got us anything.
He held the carrot, but never put in in our reach.


Chocolate extreme! Don’t care what size


Something to fix the emptiness in my heart.


Oreo blizzard Oreo blizzard OREO BLIZZARD!!!


A peanut butter ice cream cake, peanut butter milkshake, Reese’s Blizzard, and hot fudge sundae with peanut butter. Oh, and a peanut butter cookie dough Blizzard!


Damn yo :sob:

Ill give u 25% of my oreo blizzard, oreo blizzard was a catalyst for my first relationship, it was MADE to change lives forever


Thanks <3 rip relationships been living like a robot lately lol work/home and arguing about Mercy’s current state with my fellow forumers feelsbadman


Ill have strawberry cheesecake blizzard plz! Thanks


Now where am I going to get my Dilly Bar.


can you ship to the UK?


Calm down big smoke.


I love you

(Tom Powers) #49

(Tom Powers) #50

No blizzard for me today. However, I ask that you please remember to give our Forum Guidelines a gander to avoid topic deletion or temporary account suspension.

Thank you.