I LOVE the Brigitte rework

Thank the lord. Blizz finally buffed Brigitte as a Support and took away some damage. Now she’ll have a shot at being a decent secondary healer instead of being a jack of all trades, master of none. It’ll feel so nice to have people stop complaining about my main

If she’s too weak they might even buff her healing more in the furture, and the community might even be ok with it because she’s not stun comboing them to death so much.

Yes, yes, yes. Thank god.

TL;DR Brigitte was always gonna be polarizing with the 155 bash combo. I think the new direction they’re taking her will make her more broadly appealing even if it means she needs some buffs in the future


I accede.

And good for you, I’m very blissful that you are relishing this.
Its quite woebegone to see people whining that she can no longer do crazy dps anymore, like she was never intended to.

So they fine-tuned her by raising her facility as a fortification, and lowered her dps.

but people can’t seem to understand that


Biggest difference is that Brig can’t nearly instakill 200hp heroes.

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she really isnt any stronger as a healer at all after this, the “buff” is so tiny i does practically nothing for her

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Yeah they increased her healing by 0.66666. Such a buff.

Btw, this isn’t a rework.


Where exactly is this info by the way? her nerf info

Her healing was buffed by a negligible 0.6667 hp/s it will literally be unnoticeable.

It was only put in so delusional people and the dev team can point at it and say “see its not all bad”


Ptr feedback-Incoming changes by Geoff Goodman.

this is the post


Great patch. Praise Jeff!

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My bro feels the same, but I’m worried for her viability.

I don’t think I’ve seen a character this viciously beaten to death, lol.

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This change has me a bit torn, I feel like it’s a bit too much but the more I think about it the more I understand how good it is O.o

I think she might be weak too, but the key thing is that they’re tweaking her in the right direction. Buffing her as a Support and nerfing her Damage. As long as she was able to stun combo squishies for 155 damage, people were gonna complain. This iteration has room for improvement and will be generally liked by the community instead of being so polarizing