I Love It When People Tea-Bag Me

But what if they kill you during Valk? :thinking:

Well, I thought it was obvious that I was talking about competitive.:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

In QP. Consider yourself mass reported if you did this in ladder play.

Wasn’t referring to you when I said,

Unless ofc, you’ve been on the forums a lot recently, actively defending current Mercy.

Well thank god I hate competitive sis!

God why do you EVEN CARE if people are defending current Mercy. She has issues but I enjoy Valk. I guess I can’t have an opinion :thinking:

battle mercy for the win


Well for one, they are also defending those who DPS with Valkyrie. Secondly,

Click me!

Nope. It’s just that I disagree with your opinion. Nothing personal.

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I feel like a goddess :stuck_out_tongue:

lol i must admit once i was in a terrible mood and being a jerk, i killed someone and teabagged them its not something i normally do but i was in a terrible mood but anyways what happened while i was tea-bagging is pretty much their entire team killed me and mercy rezeed who i killed and they all started tea-bagging me

never in my life have i laughed harder than that

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Thank you <3 i always get someone saying “all mercy mains want mass rez back”

TBH she still has issues but Valk is still fun and useful. I don’t think they’ll ever bring back old rez and they shouldn’t.

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I love getting tbagged. (Sounds wrong. ;D)
I usually comment something fun in the chat if it happened to me. Like:
“Ana! You mean old granny!”
“You are fat, hog. ;(”

Usually i get a smiley back, people that tbag do it mostly for fun, not to trigger ppl.
Tbagging back is also a viable strategy ;P. Or like you do, killing them as mercy. Thats a tbag itself.

I hate the teabaggers who do it when they happened to get a lucky shot on you whilst nearly dead. They did nothing to earn the kill and they act like theyre great, theyre the ones I specifically hunt after respawning time and time again :stuck_out_tongue:

I love when someone teabags me because then I know it’s gonna turn into a full-on teabag war.

I always teabag a mercy or brigitte when i kill them. It is so much fun.

I do too but that because I’m a Rat main addicted to Total Mayhem kills.

Good luck with that. Many dps heroes can and will kill you in valk.
I personally feel obligated to tbag every main healer (mercy, ana, moira) going to duel a dps when they could actually support their team.

I like to teabag people as mercy and zen and Ana even if I didn’t kill them

It’s funny and being teabagged by a support gets people stupidly tilted so they ruin it for their team, they can’t kill me bc I know how to survive n they end up contributing nothing to the team and we win


You always crouch spam people on your team that get slept.

Great then! I knew people loved it! Gonna keep doing it! Tracers are ALWAYS getting the tbag anyway. Always. Sometimes genji too. I even tell them , “its nothing personal, I do that to each and every dead tracer”.
I do it to brigg too!