I lost 700 SR during Beta season

Right I was surprised I was a gold tank and support, but a high plat dps. Honestly thought I’d be a high plat tank, but once I saw my Sr and how I played I realized wow I make a lot of mistakes

Beta doesn’t count. If you played at the usual level you normally do your more then likely to get placed more accurately during Season 18.

How is it that people don’t seem to understand that Beta SR is not accurate and all Bliz was doing was collecting Data for the upcoming season.

Unless your normal aim and mechanics where off for the last week you will be fine. Nothings perfect though.

Oh yes, just play like you do and win, if you aren’t then you don’t deserve the SR.

I played mostly Sigma this season too and haven’t dropped so… :man_shrugging:

If you lost that much SR it’s your fault for being trash with the hero you decided to play, not Blizz’s fault. There are some games that you just can’t win, but if you lost so much SR on tank you’re just bad at Sigma if you played mostly/only him.

I played a variety of tanks including Sigma and climbed into diamond, and I had a great time climbing because my aggressive playstyle allows me to create space reliably as a main tank (unless there’s a Mei and she’s just gonna wall me off and that’s not gonna be a great time), and my mechanical skill which allowed me to basically be a third DPS while playing off tank.

Except it does count. They never said your MMR wasn’t going to count, that was Wyomings personal interpretation and everyone else followed suit instead of reading the blog post themselves.

Neither did I

Obviously the stats from your games aren’t being thrown out. That was the whole point of Beta is to collect this Stats so the MMR could help place you for the upcoming season.

This guys complaing about SR that doesn’t matter. It’s not going to be recorded on his profile and will be forgotten.

If people like OP were playing like trash either intentionally throwing or just being ignorant, his tanked SR will be reflected in his MMR.

Well that is the catch. But there is not a lot anyone can do about those players. Time will straighten them out (mostly)

I kinda expect my tanking SR to be lower in Season 18. It occurred to me that because I’ve been playing a lot of Sigma my stats probably are going to be worse then they normally are. But I intend to add him to my roster so it’s a hit I’m willing to take.

At this point it’s prob best to just let things play out.

I don’t know, I’m actualy climbing for a change.

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They said it would not effect your current sr, I don’t recall them mentioning mmr. What I do recall is them saying that they have been collecting data from everybodys accounts for months before role q was even anounced so that they could be prepared. Knowing that do you realy think that they would have a beta season just for kicks? I mean it’s obvious that they are going to track your performance in the actual environment so that they have a better chance to get it right when role q comes out for real.

I always take comp seriouslyeven in the off season (2 hour period)as it’s good practice.

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this is what bliz said the only thing they dont say is mmr but they do say it dont count . from Introducing Role Queue - News - Overwatch

When is Role Queue available?

Role Queue is currently available on the public test region on PC, and will be coming to live servers starting with a Role Queue Beta Season in Patch 1.39. In an effort to give time for additional testing and feedback, we’ll be running the two-week Role Queue Beta Season from August 13 to September 1. Players can earn Competitive Points similar to other competitive mini seasons and qualify for Top 500 Leaderboards during the beta season. However, beta season stats will only be available for a limited time and will not count toward a player’s permanent Competitive Season stats. (Note: Competitive Season 17 will be shortened by approximately two weeks in order to accommodate the Role Queue Beta Season.)

Role Queue will be fully available for Quick Play and Competitive Play beginning on September 1 for the start of Competitive Season 18.

I’m very much aware what it says. I read it thoroughly day one and myriad times over the last 2 days looking for where they say “MMR doesn’t count.” What they DO say is

beta season stats will only be available for a limited time and will not count toward a player’s permanent Competitive Season stats

The keyword is permanent. MMR is a fluid stat that is affected by your game play that changes every single match. It isn’t a “permanent Competitive Season stat.” It isn’t Blizzard’s nor my fault that people chose to not play their best or seriously just because Blizzard isn’t treating us like the idiots we obviously are.

yaeh i guess i should have just picked orisa in all of my games, my bad.

its also the bad of the other tank player who always picked road hog/dva whenever i picked sigma

its also the bad of the DPS player insta locking double sniper against a double barrier

If you are plat you will climb back up.

i get you 100% and not saying people should have not played good its just in the history of beta’s ever have anything ever stayed on it or how you play or anything etc… this will be the first time that it does the keyword they used was (beta) that in itself made people not care or not play at all and thats where i feel for the people who then didnt play it with meaning or care.i say its half there fault for not saying the mmr thing when they wrote all that info.

Sadly, you’re low gold because of yourself. Regardless of whether or not you were practicing, you still lost, you know? That being said, the beta thing was a pretty dumb thing to do on their end imo, lots of confusion.

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Meeeeeeeeh, that was very foolish to think that they’d completely delete the 2 weeks of beta and start season 18 as if it had just followed season 17.
I mean nothing said that they would and common sense would say that your MMR needs to be kept in order to continue the game, you can’t just freeze it. Or you’d have to erase all MMRs and start from scratch.

That I agree with. They could’ve said a lot sooner that it would count when so many people were very vocal about it not counting.

It is a Live patch that rewarded Competitive Points for playing. They never did that for off season games that didn’t matter. It was obviously only beta in name to make sure that everything worked since PTR has a much lower population than Live.

At this point, I won’t even be mad if Blizzard starts talking to us like Toddlers.

It wasn’t foolish to think that, They put sigma straight into competitive post PTR without the usual 2 week grace period .