I lose too much SR for defeats

Ive played only four games fter my first calibrtions, and Ive lost 60 SR for each. Last time I lost 74. It seems to be a mistake. What I need to do?

It’s not a mistake bro. That’s the average SR you lose

Welp, Im not the best player in Overwatch, but... Its too much. I dont play so bad, I try my best and get golden medals. Just dont understand what I do wrong ;-;

Yesterday I lost something about 70 SR in one game with a toxic Zen, Throwerzo and a leaver. For winning fair games on Supports/Tanks I got on average 16 SR.

That’s just what happens. I also lose around the same amount.

Its very sad. And its not fair at all. Why the quality is the same each time? I can`t even find where to go with this question.

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There are many reasons why SR gains and losses may seem out of the ordinary. There is a handy forum topic here that helps detail everything you need to know: