I literally can not understand why people are freaking about Soldier 76

Like I can at least understand why people are upset about the PTR changes but being upset Soldier 76 being gay is ridiculous. He could be straight, gay, bi, asexual, whatever and it wouldn’t impact his character in any significant way.

Yeah but it’s just pandering- If Blizzard was really pandering, they would of appeased 95% of Overwatch fanfic writers by revealing him and Gabe used to be gay lovers.

Well Soldier 76 doesn’t represent me any- So? Hammond doesn’t represent me since I’m not a hamster but I still play him.Besides, you can still relate to another character/person regardless of their race, gender and sexual orientation.

Like Soldier 76 is gay. That’s it. Stop over reacting to trivial nonsense on the internet. Thank you.


I understand why it is important to some people since it adds depth to him and makes him more relatable. However that was a small part of the short story and rather insignificant to the plot of that story. It was just a small little detail, and now it is a big deal since people made it a big deal. IMO it is not something to overreact about and have major debates on the internet about. It is what it is and you can take it however you wish, you just don’t have to express it to everyone else



I’m more upset that it’s being used to bring attention to a dying game. Even though I used to LOVE this game, this is a pathetic move.

Yes well I dont understand why there are no buffs to Orisa in the new patch

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To be honest, I don’t think it’s going to bring much asides from some short span attention unless someone got the numbers from when they revealed Tracer to be gay to show that gay characters equals money.

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i don’t think its pandering per-se, its more like being comically stereotypical. stereotypical to the point of being humorous, doing every cliche thing they can think of. i do like the idea this makes ppl think about how they think.

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It’s genuinely so confusing to me why so many racists, and anti lgbtq+ people play overwatch as diverse as it is💀


Who cares if 76 is gay or not. It makes no difference to his personality, to his morals, to his reasons for fighting, it doesn’t make him any less or any more of a good or bad person. That is normalization. Not letting one particular aspect of his character, his orientation, in this case, define the whole.

With that said…

“Revealing” a long-existing character’s sexuality, only after so much time, easily seems like pandering. In this modern age one’s sexual orientation is not and shouldn’t be a big deal, anymore, to anyone. LGBT people, straight allies, writers, producers, casting…etc. cannot stop talking about “normalization”, and yet… they cannot help but sensationalize sexual orientation and even ethnicity and gender (and gender identity), almost every time. There has been plenty of tokenization and retconning of ethnicity and sexual orientation in the past few years, of comic book characters both in print and in live-action and that’s because today’s writers are too lazy to create original characters. Instead they re-skin and change an already well-established, long-existing character’s skin-color and/or sexuality (to tick off boxes), and rarely anything else about them, then they jump up and down yelling “See how much we do for diversity and representation, we’re so inclusive!” and the woke crowd laps it up, without even realizing how little effort they’re actually making and how insulting it ought to be to be given token handouts, which are akin to crumbs swept under the table.

And if the only way some people can see themselves in a character and identify with them and feel represented is if they happen to share one superficial aspect (skin color, orientation, gender, gender-identity, religion), if nothing else that they already have in common, that they already like in the character can enable them to do that and they absolutely must have that one particular thing in common, then, that’s their problem for being so shallow, for letting their so called community tell them that the only way they can identify with a character and see themselves in them is if they share one particular aspect.

But, as an olive-branch, it is understandable why they feel that way, why they crave representation and the need to identify with a character over some characteristic they coincidentally share. Ever since media became a thing, for the past 50-100 years they had no representation, their stories and experiences weren’t told, either in print or on screen, so every little thing, even if it’s just token representation can and will mean a lot to them and they’ll cling to it, and fight anyone, tooth and nail, even those who tell them it’s very little, because even those comments they will consider an attack. People like myself, when we say all this pandering is pathetic and lazy, we mean it’s not enough. We see it for the minimal, bare-minimum, token effort it is, while it tries and often succeeds in passing itself off as something more, often still relying on stereotypes and one-dimensional characterization when it comes to personalities.

When the new Masters of the Universe: Revelation came out, Kevin Smith and Co. admitted the reason they tokenized the Andra character, instead of inventing an original, dark-skinned character, was because they were afraid of the backlash, that people wouldn’t grow to like a completely new character, when that is what the majority of fans would easily accept. Much like religious extremism, only a small minority are actually genuinely racists and bigoted, who’ll hate and dislike a character for their darker skin or different sexuality, and whether they’re new or tokenized wouldn’t even matter. And their tweets and their voice gets amplified by social media, to the point where they seem like a rampant, rabid, racists and phobic majority, when, actually they don’t speak for any more than a small minority, much like the religious fundamentalists or the woke crowd, and yet their influence has taken over the entertainment industry and social media so effectively it seems they’re everywhere and believe they speak for everyone and with the effect of the media and social media they make themselves appear a much bigger beast than they really are.

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People who complain about Soldier 76 have Never played League of Legends . Let me introduce you to Varus. A bowman who lost his wife and children to the invading Noxian Empire. He then took up a cursed weapon that would damn his soul to become The Arrow of Retribution. A classic LoL character. Except…they retconned him into being TWO male Ionian lovers trapped inside the same body bound together by what is essentially a demon weapon with its own personality. 3 characters in 1. (it’s more complicated than that, but the other Darkin characters were well received)

And holy Sean Retconnery they made a Music Video.

Revealing 76 to be gay, is nothing compared to that.
It’s NOT on that level.
But some people act as if it is.

The thing is with multiple universes in some settings, alternate Earths you can create alternate versions of characters. From What Ifs? to entire swaps. You also see Mantle-ization. If that’s a term I may use. Heroes are just costumes. Like if a kid on Halloween is Black Superman -he is Superman for one night. He’s not “fake” Superman. Though i dont know if kids feel the same about Black Santa in the mall, or decorations. Still, it’s better if the alt version of the character actually acts and lives differently than the original. So they feel distinct.

Without alternate universes, you have mantles passed down to new recipients. The old bearer isn’t retconned, and they exist in the Prime universe. But…they aren’t the same character, just the same abilities. Obviously they need new characters. But how many years, a decade …maybe two? It would take a long time to establish a new character, and for it to become popular, and then to actually make a movie. People will see a movie about a known character. Investing hundred millions in something untested is a huge risk. Everything these days is just sequels and reboots of already “proven” properties.

The biggest problem is the corporations don’t actually care . They exist to make money. They sell pride buttons and tshirts and things but mistreat all kinds of minorities , and women very poorly in their offices. If they didn’t -people would feel differently about it. (Albeit some who oppose such characters are radicals in their own right on the opposite spectrum)

Never bothered me tbh. As Dave Chappele put it - “There’s nothing manlier than sucking another man’s [parts].”

We’re all a bunch of nerds playing a game with robots and sci-fi in it, probably hunched over a keyboard or sprawled over a couch with at least one snack in reaching distance.

A character made of pixels being gay? Amazing, cool, love that journey for him.

What I actually care about? Moving a payload, staying near a point, tanks that stay within sight. That right there, that’s a thing of beauty

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A payload made of pixels?