I knew it, Ana is their next target

wait a second, the dude that made the origional nerf ana post is a bloody brig main…

im so confused man

You don’t have to generalize every DPS main as a toxic player because there are some really nice DPS players out there. They are happy, because they recognize what a balanced hero looks like. Ana is balanced.
There needs to stop being this crusade against players just because they play DPS.

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Here’s an example of what I mentioned in my second post - Mercy players being held to blame for any negative Ana post.


Unfortunately all they ever want to do is balance the supports down and balance DPS heroes up. One just has to feel sorry for all the Tanks in this.

Huge generalisation. I play DPS and think Ana being meta is great. She’s a fun support that feels fair to play as and against.

There are all sorts of players complaining about Ana these days, that’s what a chunk of the Overwatch community always does.

You know that it’s one week from now that I exactly talk about that . I don’t understand why people want ana trash tier now she is perfectly balanced

tanks are the strongest class in the game by a long shot right now.

supports second and dps have the least influence.

you dont know what your talking about, just trying to sound cool.


Which is kinda funny cause OP is a Mercy main…

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I was referring to the poster I replied to though… should probably have quoted the post for clarity.

Its vice versa. Ana mains do negative Mercy posts as well. Like Doomfist hate posts are mostly from Zen and Ana mains, Brig hate posts are mostly from tank mains etc.

I think if you browse you will find many different mains making Ana nerf posts. It’s not clear-cut in any way.


Ah, I know. I was referring to people in this thread saying Mercy mains are asking for nerfs, despite this thread being by a Mercy main.

Blizz please don’t let Ana have the same fate as Sombra

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If people don’t stop nerfing heals non stop, nobody is going to want to fill in that role anymore. Just because Mercy got excessively nerfed to the ground, doesn’t mean every support class should be thrown under the bus.

Ana just started to become top pick and people are already talking about nerfing her grenades.

Dem Mercy mains impersonating as dps mains and asking for Ana nerfs :rage:

So Brig, Hanzo, Doomfist and Ana. I wonder who is next on the chopping block?

I’m baffled at the portion of the playerbase that feels entitled to powerful tanks and healers on their own team supporting them 24/7, but as soon as the enemy team has the same thing it’s unfair.

They want to nerf the enemy [witchhunted healer], but expect their own team’s [witchhunted healer] to support them as efficiently as they did before and yell at them if they don’t.


It’s been a few months since a D.Va nerf. About time for d.va 7.0


It’s kisr hilarious at this point. Once they nerf ana and zen then they will make witch hunts for health packs!

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I’m a tank/support main and I’m pretty tired of the extremely fast charging “press Q to win” button she has for an ultimate.

Ana’s pickrate is already just as high as Mercy’s was during season 10. And people still keep pretending Ana is completely fine and balanced. She has long since passed the must pick status from Gold and upwards.