I keep getting disconnected and being unable to rejoin

when i first bought this game i knew my WiFi wasn’t good, but i wouldn’t get disconnected from games maybe once every 20 or 30 but i was able to rejoin and not get banned. 2 years later 3/5 games i get disconnected and am unable to rejoin. i get banned and lose sr, I’ve lost commendation ranks too. there is nothing wrong with my WiFi, i have checked other drm launchers like uplay, but i wouldn’t get dced. is there any way other than stop playing i can reconnect and not get banned.is there any way i can fix the issue of getting disconnected

If it is your WiFi, you could switch to a cable? Also, consistently disconnecting from matches will penalize you because it leaves your team at a disadvantage (more info). It sounds like you’re not fully reconnecting, and that’s why you can’t rejoin.

Please include a WinMTR if you want members of the community to help you troubleshoot.

WinMTR instructions (click to expand/collapse)

This data request is for players connecting to NA or OCE realms. EU players can post their data in the EU forum for troubleshooting.

Follow the support documentation for WinMTR. If you’re unable to get into a game for the IP address, or you’re being connected to the wrong region, then use an IP from the table provided on that page that matches your usual region. Run the test until you encounter the issue again, or for at least 10 minutes.

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i cant really switch to a cable since wifi is another room and cant afford to move it or upgrade it. thanks for the help. i actually cant reconnect to the game at any time. when the game kicks me i always click the rejoin button and it doesnt work. i restart the game and same issue. i restart the launcher and the game all in under a minute and the option to rejoin is not there and i get a ban.
i guess i have to only play quick play now until i dont have any issues

Can you run the WinMTR test with one of the IPs on that page in my instructions? Maybe that will help point out where the problem in your network is happening.

i dont have the time to do it right now, pinpointing a problem i know i cant afford to fix wont help me play the game without getting disconnected. i’ll just close the post