I just want them to keep Sym's primary fire as is

People will try to argue that it’s what held her back, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, it was the best part of her kit imo. It needs to be left exactly as is. No buffs or nerfs. And yes even when kids have amazing aim, at a certain point you learn to follow up after landing an orb first.

Her kit in general was very counterable and weak. Which is why she is as bad as she is now.

Plus her alternate fire was also very slow and was near useless at range. There was nothing to balance out the weakness of her short range before.

But with the buffs to her alternate fire, She will be using it way more effectively, and it will definitely balance out the lack of range she experience’s now.

If you change her weapon, not only can I not imagine it not looking weird coming out of her weapon, but it’s literally a Zarya beam! I don’t want hero’s to be even more similar then they already are!

This isn’t even about aiming at this point, I don’t want a Zarya beam clone, come up with something else that requires aim if you have to.

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It’s said to be a quite thick, so maybe aiming requirements aren’t so skewed?


That’s the point. Her weapon is strong, so her kit cannot be. You can’t have a hero who has a potent auto aim weapon also have a powerful generalist kit.


It’s still a Zarya beam… that’s going to look so weird.

Can we please try the changes before saying “Revert this” or “Don’t do that Blizzard”?


Honestly even then, I’d argue that her weapon wasn’t that strong. Other heroes had far better TTK’s, but because it was a lock-on, it had to be hindered with lower DPS.

Like Supernerd said, the beam is going to be thicker, so if 60-70% accuracy is reachable, like it is with a fairly hefty charged Zarya beam, or Moira beam, Symmetra is going to output some pretty darn scary DPS.

It’s rather balanced, she has 200 hp and no mobility, she needs to charge it for 3 seconds, and it’s short ranged.

But once charged it did decent dmg and was auto lock. It’s balanced not underpowered nor too good…

Didn’t say the weapon wasn’t balanced, because it is. But changing it allows for better range and an improved kit.

I think it was less “Holding her back” and more “Done for everyone who had trouble dealing with it”

It’s still in development. I understand that you’re voicing your concerns while they are still in testing and can change it easily, which is good, but your actual complaints about your imagined gameplay and aesthetics aren’t really valid without trying or seeing it.

And if Blizz is taking a poll, I am also concerned about the changes about Symm’s primary fire. I simply like the homing function on her weapon (even if it makes no sense to me how her weapon works in lore).

I feel like the problem was that her primary fire was so generous that they couldn’t afford to mess with the rest of her kit without making her stupid OP. So they’re making it actually require aim and buffing the damage for a trade off so they have room to actually make the rest of her kit more versatile.


I agree, though I know a lot of Gengu and D.Va players that would highly disagree X)

If I’ve heard correctly though, the thought of her weapons’ aim and firing being akin to zarya’s has entertained the minds of the devs before. I think. Don’t quote me on that. I think her weapon wasn’t a real issue. It was in her arsenal (kit?), so shouldn’t her primary and secondary be left alone? :confused:

(And I only mention those two specifically because those are the ones I can constantly melt down in a game XD)

They’re not going to revert it if it comes out, so the only real time to argue against it is before they do the thing

The only thing waiting is going to do is help set up a “Symmetra changes” megathread right next to the Mercy one

Maybe they could keep a nerfed version of her current gun as an option that you can change in settings.

Something with maybe two levels of charge instead of three, with level one doing like 35-40 DPS and level 2 doing 70-80 DPS (with a longer time to charge). Obviously I don’t know what numbers would be balanced with the new kit—just not exactly what she has currently since her other new toys would make up the difference.

I only suggest this because I know a lot of people played her because they have some sort of disability that prevents them from aiming accurately. I do feel sad that one of the few characters they can play is becoming a non-option for them.

you cant have a hero with autolock and a strong kit.


Moira and Mercy both disagree with you.

That said, I do expect a high damage zarya beam at one extreme, the current Symm beam at the other, and a Moira beam somewhere in the middle.

Also, nobody has mentioned the fact that this beam will just eat shields alive because it uses no ammo against them. This makes her primary and secondary seem like a response to deathball and brigitte comps as well, which might explain some changes (even if I don’t like how Blizz is combining two very different objectives together in one update patch).

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Her gun was why she was strong in low ranks and garbage in high ranks. The point is to make her more viable to play for the ranks and not just point B defense…as long as their Isn’t a Winston and a multitude of other heroes that make her F-tier.

Once things are on PTR, the devs already wasted a lot of hours on new code and artwork, and thus far, they never removed anything that was on PTR because of bad feedback, only slightly adjusted.

We are mostly complaining about stuff that they went too far to the point they are basically deleting Symmetra, creating Hero 28, and giving her all Symmetra cosmetics.

So, no, we can’t wait until it hit PTR.