I just uninstalled Overwatch


If comp mode is too much, then just play deathmatch mode. It’s much better since you don’t have to worry about teammates.


You know your placements mean nothing right? You can win or lose them all and it will put you in the same SR you had last session. Probably why you had poor teammates, because they knew it meant nothing. And probably trying out different hero’s.

The match making is weird. Im always put with Master players with my last two games. Even though iv never played that high before. And it happens even if I lose my games.


Sounds to me like you’re more angry at the people you’re currently speaking to then the game itself…those were all player issues which I’m not sure how blizz fixes that…


Same here. There is no enforcement from someone throwing. The matchmaker has no idea on actually match people because it doesn’t get that people will pick different heroes. I can play my best heroes to get up to diamond, then start to play widow or something that I’m not a diamond level with. Now all of a sudden my team thinks matchmaker is garbage because it is matching them with me.

They know it’s a problem. But why they don’t fix it is beyond me


I feel like good matchmaking is just a dragon developers chase with the noble goal of making the game overall more enjoyable for players but ultimately it’s basically impossible to achieve due to the sheer limitation of the system.

On the same side I do feel that the matchmaking isn’t terrible or anything, for me the issue is the sheer randomness from game to game, I very rarely match with a group that wins in comp at low levels even when I’m playing well I still lose due to just poor team cohesiveness, this alone makes it incredibly difficult to move out of the low ranks.


I went 9-1 in my placement matches and it was still excruciating. I was planning on actually playing competitive this season but after losing 30 SR in 2 consecutive matches because of leavers, I am done. I can’t continue to play a mode so broken and time consuming to be punished so hard. So I feel ya. And good luck playing the characters you actually want to play. If you pick dps and dont have 5 golds you’ll be chastized and if you are a healer then you will be presented with the worst comp you could have ever imagined. And I can’t even begin to tank in this game, everyone sees the shield and proceeds to run in the opposite sides of the map.

I feel ya.


I pick DPS, get a bunch of golds, and we still lose, and yes i’m actively playing as a team i’m not just out getting kills, it just feels impossible to get a bunch of random players to work together at all and the randomness is frustrating.


You did the right thing👌

Now, there are way better games to play, and many more coming out❤️

Kingdom hearts 3 is on the way. Anthem, the division, Metro exodus. All of this in the next month😂

Hype is real people


I stopped playing comp for this reason alone. That, and they changed Symmetra to be a watered down Zarya.


Welp, I’ve also given up today after a long time playing this game. Most of my times in OW was spent in the comp matches thinking only serious people will play this game. But well, after a long time playing this game, I’m done. Maybe I’ll return someday maybe not. But I’m thinking of going on a long break from the game. I can’t go on more than an hour of this game without tilting or just raging like a retard. If I’m not having fun while playing something for fun, I’ve already lost the game.


I mean yeah that can happen but I’m convinced a lot of the reason teams get stomped is because they get easily tilted and start playing like garbage. Most of what people blame the game for should really be blamed on the community.


The problem is it’s a team game, it’s a doomed concept from the start, unless me and my team are practicing together and bonding the idea that we could act as a team is kind of ridiculous.

It’s not really Blizzards fault though.


I still don’t understand why anyone below masters or maybe diamonds should even bother with competitive anymore.

No one gives a damn about picking a team required hero, Everyone’s selfishly playing on their own and basically competitive doesn’t give that impressive of a reward anyways.

Just play quickplay or custom games. You’ll be much more at ease.


But placements don’t matter if you have already done a season prior.


Comp Placement isn’t an accurate representation most the time. None of my friends play it. It upsets me sometimes for days when i do. You just need to stick to quick play…who needs comp


Mistake one, playing on weekends/Friday.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday become particularly bad. Especially Saturday. No idea if that’s just me, though. Every single time I’ve played on any of these 3 days I have had the worst luck imaginable. Call me superstitious, but I’ve decided not to risk my SR on these days anymore. These are my off days, my break days from Overwatch now.


Can feel your pain, but even having teamwork won’t save you.

When your duo has 4 enemies at once focusing on bringing you down, yet somehow your team still loses…just how? How is this possible? How remaining 2 enemies managed to keep away 4 of your teammates? :woman_facepalming:

Will stay in high gold forever.

Still need them for competitive points you buy golden guns with.


If you find the game fun but not comp -> dont play comp and take a break from the game. Then either play qp, arcades or find some friends that would play with you


I mean, you were playing comp on the weekend. What did you expect?


See you again in two days when you installed it back :stuck_out_tongue: