I just lost 50 sr to a glitch

I have video proof of all this if needed. This is the second time that this has happened to me. I was in a que with a friend for competitive and when we found a game my friend got in but I didn’t, I was left in the main menu, able to type in match chat and team chat but I wasn’t in the game. The play button changed to a rejoin match button that didn’t do anything when clicked. I ended up losing 50 sr and getting suspended for 10 mins for doing nothing wrong.

If this isn’t resolved I’m just going to stop giving you guys business. I know for a fact it isn’t on my end, and a couple friends have had this happen to them too.

I would like my damage sr refunded, thanks.

Blizzard has outlined their stance on SR refunds (they never do them) in the pins in this forum. Please see this thread for more information: