I hope the classic skins will still be available

Not that the new ones are bad, but it’d be nice to have the old ones available.


i think they have said they are still gonna be there also i think what you have collected will transfer over. it better lol

All of your skins from OW1 will be there in OW2.



Thanks, Andy. Not just for this but for just being so active, consulting the dev team, and getting back to us with these pieces of info.

It’s super cool! And reassuring, too. :sweat_smile:


Shame my hero won’t be.


I really like the McCree one it especially the revolver it looks very nice.

What about OWL team skins? Will they just be adapted for the new character models?

Sentai Genji will ride again.

Always appreciate hearing from you Andy!

That’s wonderful to hear that they are still keeping their words on that.

Do you think we’d be able to get old skins in OW2 somehow?

So…My question on this is say i have an account that’s been permanently suspended. And i purchase Overwatch 2.

I’m guessing i won’t have access to my ow1 content?

What about if i have an alternate account such as this one?

Are you in a position to clarify how that’ll work or not yet?

I’m gonna assume that you keep the classic ow1 owl skins and they will release ow2 variants later

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Given how lootboxes is something they have discussed getting rid of i genuinely wonder how you will be able to get past years’ event content too.

What about golden weapons I collected?

How many times have you guys answered this question lol

I want classic mercy haircut, I don’t play mercy but that ponytail is a signature for me.


Is it possible to have a setting that reverts to the OW1 UI. I think players should have the opportunity to choose as some of them dislike the new UI.

I very much prefer Classic Mercy with the ponytail, never thought she needed a drastic redesign, just maybe more detail and updated polygons maybe. They got rid of the iconic ponytail!

Anyway, this is good news!

Im glad Im not the only one who thinks this, its iconic not only to the hero, but to the game.


Are all the current skins going to get updated to fit the new models? Like will legendary skins stay the same, but commons/epics get redesigned?