I heard hanzo is getting a nerf is that true?


20 charachters limit



It is true indeed.


our prayers have been heard. now just do it agane and he’ll be back in the F tiers


Thanks guys. Someone told me that in comp and o didn’t believe him that’s actually a nice nerf i felt so miserable dying to 1 shot out of 6 chances as tracer with no counter ability


As a banned tank player once wisely said, “WE GO AGANE BOIS”.


id predict his ult charge is next


Tbh after he for buffed I felt he was so strong that I hoped that the devs would send him back to f tiers for some unknown reason I don’t like dying to hanzo at all and it feels kinda cheesy but i know he is not an easy hero and takes aim and skill but still i hate dying spamzo specifically


the problem i have u put ur crosshair left of someone press ur storm arrow ability then just start spamming leftmouse while moving ur cursor from left to right of the person and ur bount to hit him 2x atleast


I mean, it isn’t an unfair nerf. Will still do a good amount of damage. As it is right now though, so frustrating.


TBH just delete the storm arrow ability already , NOOBs don’t like that ability .


It’s just as cheap as scatter




Its not cheap as scatter, but it is overtuned.


nerf that no skill spamzo out of the game


God forbid tracer to have atleast one counter


Fortunately yes, it’s true. I’m hoping this will reduce the speed at which Hanzo charges his ultimate as right now it’s too fast.