I haven’t been able to play ranked overwatch for 3 seaons

This game has given me nothing but hassle. I am unable to play it. Its the only game i have trouble with.

I keep getting bluescreens, crashes to desktop (“Overwatch has crashed in the graphics driver”) and complete freezes whenever i play this game. I have been banned for 3 seasons now because of these issues.

as i said above, this is the only game i have problems with. everything else runs smoothly and with no issues.

has anyone else experinced these issues and were unable to play ranked? What did you do to solve them or are they still unsolved?

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did you do a clean graphics card driver reinstall?

did you also use Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)?


have you checked that there is no razer software (or leftovers of it) on your system?

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thanks for the reply, however ive used DDU multiple times and it hasnt worked.

I’ve never used razer software or hardware on my pc.

you have an intel i3 / dual core cpu?


otherwise we need your DxDiag + MSInfo for more help


you can upload these files on Pastebin and reply here with the Pastebin link using the preformatted text option (</>).

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