I have some suggestions for overwatch 2

I had a few ideas for possible changes and am not sure where to put it. I have noticed that blizzard got rid of seeing what ranks everybody is in because of toxicity, but the fact you can see everybody’s stats seems to have raised it (in the games I’m playing anyways, now players are flaming others because the healer has more damage than dps the tank somehow has more healing than the healer etc etc) my personal reason I’m struggling to find interest anymore is that I grinded for 2 years to get to platinum, I just wanted to hit diamond, but now I’m back in bronze with absolutely NO IDEA where my standing is… I mean the reason I had enjoyed overwatch 1 was because of the incentive to play. It was winning lootboxes, it was the joy of playing matches and knowing I was doing good because of the medals and being on fire and the cards and not always knowing the outcome of a game. Now it’s like I can tell from the very first minute how it’s going to end because it’s either roll or be rolled no in between, there’s always somebody pointing out who it is that’s failing, and I genuinely feel like overwatch 2 has simply lost sight of what people liked about overwatch 1 and though the devs were looking to decrease toxicity, they’ve kind of removed anything POSITIVE from the game which I think in turn has just increased the toxicity.

Blizzard honestly could have kept a loot box system, had the battlepass that only unlocks specific items (let’s say battlepass is only for legendary items or something like that) kept the medals, cards, SR, and being on fire, forget about showcasing EVERYBODY’S stats, and kept the two tank system since only having one feels more like there’s 3 dps, one just has a higher health pool. I feel like this system allows for just enough of what was appreciated in overwatch 1 without taking away what is new in overwatch 2.

I also personally think mei fits better in the role of tank and doomfist should have stayed where he was as dps, considering mei has a better chance of mitigating damage and a doomfist is much better at damage output.

That is all, thank you!