I have not been able to launch the game on pc

I have tried everything on the support page on top of,
installing windows 11

Reinstalling in all 3 of my different hard drives

Turning every application off on my pc except
windows mandatory processes and battlenet

Uninstalling and reinstalling my nvidia drivers

I just get black screen for a second then crash i have never had this issue with any other game

I have a i9 9700k and 2080ti with 30gigs of ram event viewer shows no issues my anti virus was off and not quarantining it nothing is overclocked ive given it admin privileges. No matter what i do it doesnt work…


I’ve been having this same issue, hopefully bumping this thread will get a response from someone who can help.

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I been playing on console but all i wanted to do was play on pc :confused: and use my mouse and keyboard

Razer Chroma?

Add a DxDiag here to check for other issues.

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This worked thank you so much :purple_heart:

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