I have extremely low fps


I have been playing overwatch and recently i had an issue where i am usually getting 50-60 fps but now i start up a game and get 10-20 fps and as i play more it steadily increases back up to 50-60 but if i switch my character it goes back to 10-20 fps. I have a ryzen 5 1400, 8gb of ram single channel, Rx 570 4gb. I have installed all the latest drivers i am just stuck now and i dont know what to do

Thank you for reading

Try playing Mystery Heroes and check if your FPS gets lowered like that constantly. If so the FPS drop is probably caused by your game loading each hero each time, which indicates a problem with your drive. A SSD helped me a lot for that. (If you already have one, your SSD might be having issues or the game files might have corrupted somewhere. Have you tried reinstalling the game?)

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Are you using a Razer device?