I have an idea for Ashe

Since Ashe is a topic of debate right now I have an idea. This will reduce the power of her scoped shots but increase the power of her un-scoped shots. You know how Widow takes 5, previously 3, ammo per scoped shot? Well…

•Increase Ashe’s ammo from 12 to 15
•Each scoped shot now takes 3 ammo

How would this work? This would give Ashe much less scoped shots, force her to reload a lot more, and give her a bit more vulnerability. I think if this was to be implemented it would reduce Ashe’s power without making her useless. Tell me what you think of these changes

I get your idea but only 5 shots. Can we find away to make it 7 or 8 because 5 is reloading every 2 seconds.

Ashe is really more than reasonable now. there are other op heroes who need to be adressed

Borderline unplayable to give her 5 scoped shots with the longest reload in the game when she needs min. 2 to kill under normal circumstances. Her hipfire is to be avoided.


Ok well… you know how Ashe reloads bullet by bullet, how about making each bullet count for 3 ammo too? Idk I thought of these ideas for like 5 minutes I didn’t think them through much

If she makes way more damage like widow, ok.
But right now it is not justified that 3 ammo per shot

Considering how Ashe almost exclusively shoots scoped, that’s effectively reducing her capacity to 5.

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i think the problem with this is she is gonna be constantly reloading and her reloads take forever

If I was going to rebalance her scoped and unscoped fire, I’d just equalise their damage and RoF at an intermediate point, maybe 70 damage/0.5s recovery. It doesn’t really make any sense that they’re different anyhow. But as it is she pays for her damage with a long reload.

Hell no. Widow doesn´t need to reload for ages like Ashe does. Ashe also doesn´t make insta kill (don´t even mention Mercy. I have no boost during most of my games). If anything, I like her for her scope shoots and I really don´t like her unscoped ones. Please, don´t even try to ruin this hero. I already lost a few I enjoyed.