I have a question for Blizzard's Balance team. Why now?


It’s been said that Genji’s Deflect was broken for a while, that Junkrat and tracer were too strong.

So why now? What’s the epiphany that was suddenly had? I genuinely want to know because it’s actually driving me crazy. I’ve seen tons of feedback regarding these things for a long time in this game.

So what changed?

I’m all for the changes. This isn’t a rant/complaint about the changes. I just want to know why now. Why not back then? What changed?


What did they do to Genji?


Check the PTR threads. His deflect has been worked on.


I would assume that A. they were working on other things, and B. they really wanted to get it right.


Deflect’s hitbox finally got reduced.


Because with the introduction of new hero’s and hundreds if not thousands of changes since launch, it is only logical to make changes to even the most basic characters so they can fit in with the current meta.

No biggie. ^ This is specifically regarded towards Tracer.

Oh and who knows why they waited so long for Genji :stuck_out_tongue:


Dev. Team only works on a handful of things at once. My guess is the team isn’t as big as it was during game development so projects are much smaller in scope.

So while they likely recognized the issue they felt others had priority.



I think they want the new season to feel different, so what better time than the start of the season to introduce the new meta.
Briggite available in comp, Hanzo rework, Tracer and Genji nerf,Dva just previously nerfed before this patch.

Its almost like they realized 5 seasons of “DIVE COMP SAME 6 CHARACTERS GO” is really boring to play, and also to watch.

OW has dropped in popularity on Twitch, and recently OWL games couldnt even beat Ninja on Fortnite. 1 streamer in Fortnite, attracts more attention than an OWL game, that Blizzard advertises heavily everywhere.

OW used to be top 3 viewed games. Currently on the lower end of 6-10th depending on time of day. Not much has really changed in OW recently that attracts new people in.

For a game that chants “We love diversity of characters and hero-swapping”
OWL is literally the same comp every game, every map, every time. With the FEW changes team do, APPLAUDED LIKE CRAZY for actually using more than the 6 hero’s of dive comp.


i asked the same when i saw the dva nerf. right when BG added to the roster they did what they should have done 6 months ago.


It’s not even a nerf it’s just a damn fix.


Probably noticed a dip in playerbase. Trying to tease out changes to keep us occupied between events. Same reason Apple, game consoles, and software programmers only release small incremental changes, because if they released everything they’re working on all at once we’d have nothing else to look forward to