I hate this game

Every game is just the worst experience of my life. [Removed by forum moderator for toxicity.] They just throw every game, they instalock heroes they are trash at and when I work around them they act like I’m the problem. I have been stuck in low plat for the entire season because literally no one works together in this “Team Based” game. Blizzard has only developed the problem instead of fixing it, like why is this crap still happening. I just want to play the game and have fun, instead every day I’m filled with even more hatred for this game and its community. How did we get to a point where everyone literally hates each other in every game. Matchmaking is so awful that you are either going to destroy the other team or they are going to destroy you, it’s not even remotely balanced.

Also this stupid “accidental” hanzo buff, how do you even let this stuff happen? And better yet, why haven’t you opted to fix it, why wasn’t it patched over in today’s patch. Instead we got some bug fixes for retribution, what are you even doing over there blizzard? Are you trying to lose your fan base? Are you trying to kill the competitive scene? I’ve been hearing the pros/expros talk about how awful comp is and I see it as well. Are you just blind to the issues with your game? Like seriously this stuff has to stop.

I love the game but man what it has become is just painful to endure. I just want to play with a six stack without getting wrecked. I just want to play a game without a mei cheesing her way to a win. I just want to play a game where people actually work together. Is this all to much to ask? For Blizzard it probably is, because they don’t seem to care at all anymore.

Sorry for the rant but I had to say something, this game has degraded so much since last season, and it doesn’t ever seem like it’s coming back.


Well i dont. And a lot of players dont. Only toxic players would behave like that… wait a minute :thinking:


Actually they did state that they may just leave it in purely because they are thinking the new Hanzo will be out soon


Yeah I know a lot of people don’t and I try my best to stay positive and work with everybody, but this past week for me has just been awful. Some of the most toxic people I’ve ever met, no matter how positive or nice you are they just seem to suck the life out of you.

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No need to take the game too seriously. I lost a match today with a Mei on the other team f*king us up. Feels kinda sh!t TBH during the game but after it ended, I just went to arcade to de-stress.

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I agree with you that they should have fixed the accidental Hanzo buff on this latest patch. There is no reason for not to.

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He needs to 1 shot heroes more often of course.

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I’m skipping the rest of comp this season, the entirety of platinum is a cesspool. If the game doesn’t have a leaver, it under-preforming dps that won’t switch. If it doesn’t have that it has some Moira main that’s giving Doomfist a shot for the first time. If it has neither of those, it’s someone boosting their friend that’s 900 SR below him. If those things are fine people will win the first round and then experiment with random heroes throw the second, and lose the over time game.

There is literally no reason to play this game if you’re Plat, it’s completely full of trolls and people that either have no game sense or terrible aim like a 5000 average damage per 10 mins Mcree’s.

I’m gonna play Brigitte next season, and if that isn’t overwhelmingly fun, I’m just going to play a game I actually enjoy. People used to say how toxic LoL ranked was, but this is far worse. In LoL you can actually get a decent balanced match whereas Overwatch is a total crapshoot full of boosted kids, trolls and skill deficient morons who are stuck in the same low tiers for thousands of hours but couldn’t bother to even try to improve.


lol this game is really pure trash because the playerbase. its way worse than csgo. i have never been in a situation while playing OW where i could take some insults as a joke. So called team-based game is more like 6 players but everyone play solo like wtf this game is not worth playing go play something else


I hate this game too. I am done last three competitive I have had people stay in the beginning to throw the match. The other times my team has been so exponentially lower than those we were against. Diva ultimate goes through walls. I am sick of playing team and people do not understand to take and hold a point you have to be in the point. I had Hanson with his foot inches from the point as we lost. I cannot do with this aggravation in my life. I will never re I end this game and if I could send it back I would. I am not even going to into the new forced dynamics of gameplay. I know play arcade but it is a game that removes choice and the ability to adapt. There have been many games I could have won if I could have changed. I know you can within your choice but as a healer with crappy dos I am getting gold medals in kills that is soooooo fundamentally wrong. So this is my only and last post. I quit. I am done. This has not been fun at all. I get loss after loss in rankings due to cheaters throwing games and there is no justice in it so goodbye.

Did you just google “Overwatch Forums I hate this game”? I can’t imagine any other reason why you’d resurrect a 18 month old thread.


Now they hate the game even more after realizing they necro posted.

The devs are working on theor christmass yule loge video too busy to actually balance and do work. Unless its owl nintendo or miltiple accts you know money hungry grubbers grubben mo ey … ded

I’m stuck in gold since season 2, I can live with that.
But I can’t live with feeders in every damn game.
I just want to play this game with people who have the same mindset as me.
People who know when to GROUP UP, combine ults, repick, fight on point, don’t charge is a reinhard …
If their aim sucks or they miss an ult I don’t care.
Blizzard should punish reported players and leavers more.
They should create a tutorial explaining players what to do and how to win.
Without completing this tutorial, no competitive!
Also a report for not grouping/feeding/throwing should be added and I should not be matched with players who have been reported for this in the last 4 weeks, that would be nice.


Holy necro Batman…

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The necro is strong with this one!

How does this thread have so many views…?

Imma bring it back again 2077

This game is terrible. It’s beyond repair and outside of top500 games no one cares.
I haven’t heard coms in 3 months in my Diamond and Masters game.
I’m not even joking I haven’t heard a single com in 3 months.

Not only that people scream racial and anti semetic slurs all day with no punishment.

This community is worse than LoL