I hate this game now


well i dont got that but…i got this


Hey, I’ll take it.



To be fair, sunsethippo didn’t say anything particularly inflammatory.

Yeah, Brig is annoying. She was one of the reasons I picked up Pharah and Doomfist. Have fun blowing her sht up and smashing her into walls.


to be fair you make it really easy for someone to upset you.


I dont have a problem with brig even as rein, its like 'oh you think you can beat me without ult, fire strike + hammer, okay time to win the rest of the team fight.


M > Moira eating > Popcorn then copy and paste the
img src= h ttps://image.ibb.co/iZWeE7/1524083885975.png height=55

I can’t because Blizzard hates me and my awesomeness


I have over 2000, i hope that’s enough to trigger you too.


Guys, he’s a troll… come on.


jelly already posted soo your 2k is lil to their 10k


i figured that much.


hey…i was the first user here to get to 4k


I said i hope, let’s summon jelly here to really trigger them.

Edit: never mind i just saw jelly in the comments😂


holy cow you have OVER 9000! posts


jelly already spoken

Edit: Xeno series is amazing indeed Jelly it’s my second fav jrpg right after the Tales of series.


No we wait for jam to speak.


:frowning: no one cares that i was the first to reach like…5k


no one loves a slacker :smiley:


not my fault people dont make interesting threads


Get out of here! You’re only a SunsetHippo, there are better hippos that can appear at all times of day!


but im the last light of the day