I hate Teleporter

Sym is just horrible to play, especially when players are out or group chat and expect the rest of the team to use her ability.

The most annoying thing is when they’ll actually take teammates with them and instead of following me (the tanks) they’ll go and follow her through some complicated area just to get obliterated in seconds. I’ll actually go with them the first few times but when it’s just not working out I’ll go another way.

This is mainly an open queue problem since most sym 1 tricks are in that mode. I’ve met a lot of them actually, I doubt they’re bad players but the character itself is awful and will result in a massive damage disadvantage for your team.


Symmetra’s tp just needs to go, it either feels so weak to the point where is just completely useless, or it will HEAVILY tilt the outcome of a teamfight. As if 2.0 was niche, Sym 3.0 basically is a taxi bot who works on Hanamura, Ilios Lighthouse,Nepal Village, Oasis garden/university and Lijiang Tower nightmarket/garden. It’s extremely sad to see a hero who went from only being good on def. on most maps to only being good on offense for 1 2cp map and all koth maps for 1-2 points. Out of all 29 maps (if u seperate the koth points and discard Paris/Horizon) Sym is only good for 7 of them, that means that she is onyl viable on 25% of the maps. What a terrible rework to make her less niche.


That’s so true. I feel like they made it that way for a reason, rather than fixing some of the maps like Hanamura or Anubis they give her this tool that’s so tempting to take but when you use it you realize that’s it.

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please read the following:

sym needs her tp back to being more frequent so she can more fluidly switch between team vs individual uses better and to have it up in more valuable places more often rather than being stuck elsewhere or stuck on cd.

look for tp chevrons showing where the entrances are. it’s not at a choke or not very clear that it’s a passive spot, it’s most definitely sym using it for herself because tp is her way in and out of fights.

Yea infinite tp really dumbstered her but idk, I just don’t have fun with her kit anymore. I get Blizz wants to make the game more skillful with aim but symmetra was basically THE dps for the support players who didn’t have the aim to play a hitscan or projectile dps. I still wish to this day that they will give her Moira’s auto lock because the linear beam is extremely difficult to use with high mobility targets and she doesn’t have the sustain and dmg to make up for the difficulty in aiming. A dreamer can dream tho lol.

even if her beam is made more lenient, it still doesn’t change the problem about why there is some mobility needed on sym. like it all comes back to the parameters of effective range, sustain, mobility, sustain and burst.

it’s not like having a more lenient primary would throw out all the issues regarding inability to gap close and the inability to live long enough to use it. Nor would it change similar deficiencies regarding the orb flanking side of her gameplay.

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Gosh was 2.0 this controversial, I didn’t go on the forums back in the day but 3.0 sym is getting some mad heat on the forums rn lol.