I guess this Cassidy Event is next Week

lmao no. can yall read?


I can read, but we don’t exactly know what the event is about. The blue post you quoted only confirms Cassidy is a part of it, but its not confirming he is the lead role in that event.


The point is that the narrative was not to support changing the name. They don’t want it to be some celebratory moment.

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Exactly, but they halted the event production of this event to rework in the new name where appropriate, but the event is not telling about Cassidy’s name changing. It will simply identify Cassidy as Cassidy in whatever narrative Cassidy is playing.

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Hope the event allows us to inflict as much pain and bring him death in over a hundred different ways. :cowboy_hat_face:

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…Um AndyB already said “upcoming Cassidy event” Myst.

(Oops you already talked about it.)

Still Bapt wasn’t ready the center of attention in his.

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Event is coming.


And I have a 6 hour shift . Peace

Yes, but go back to the original tweet from @PlayOverwatch…

It mentions Cassidy was to play “a key part” but it implies there may be others involved.

All I am saying, is don’t be surprised if the event we get isn’t serving a big scoop of western cheesy casserole than what you were anticipating.

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“It’s necessary to change the name of the hero currently known as McCree to something that better represents what Overwatch stands for.”
Soo… Does anyone know what exactly “Cole Cassidy” represents?

Has the same initial letters as “Cancel Culture”?

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Who are we talking about? I didn’t realize Bliz released a new character while I was away. Are they any good?

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I think this event will add some lore to Cassidy.

It’s worth a shot.

Search “I Wanna Be A Cowboy” on Youtube. That’s closest enough to lore for the character.

Wait they added ANOTHER cowboy? I think that we have enough of those already. Is he hitscan too?

Westerns are totally overrated.

Hollywood really put wool over peoples eyes.

We in reality Wild West was really all about “Cow Manure”.

Which really makes me sigh that we have two heroes off a fictional type of character.

And no Roman based heroes yet.

I think WyomingMyst is making a fair guess, and I could cite Kanezaka as an ideal example: the Japanese map makes several references to the Shimada brothers, but basically tells a separate story about what happens outside the Shiamada clan house (and therefore the theories of Fox Girl).

we cannot exclude that we are introduced to someone who knows Cassidy by quoting him several times in a letter (such as to Kanezaka) or in another media. we could also hypothesize that it will be Cassidy who will have a skin challenge, despite not having much importance in the narrative of the map. I am not aware that Hanzo Kyogisha is directly related to the Fox Girl letter but on the map. as far as we know, there may be only a slight reference to Joel Morricone, McCree’s very old teaser.

I still remain convinced that there will be some connection with Malevento and an Italian Talon hero who replaces the leadership of the business of Vialli (who died in Masquerade). And to travel with the imagination (but I don’t want to deceive anyone, don’t give too much weight to me) maybe there are references on how Cassidy would have lost his arm, which would still make it a cool detail of the cowboy without introducing him directly to the challenge.

Just speculations

Don’t care

I mean they could do like a 1st/first/I year celebration of new name

So what you’re saying is you’re confirming there’s a new hero to be released this next event because blizzard cares enough to not let this game die? :smiley:

I hooe the skin is good.