I got the mercy contenders skin!

And I also accidentally got Junkrat’s and zenyatta

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The month of December is actually suppose to be Junkrat at 7 hours, Zenyatta at 15 hours. Because there were known issues with some of the streams in October, a second chance offer is being provided to earn Symmetra at 18 hours watched this month, and Mercy at 20 hours.


Congrats. I like the competitive scene and like the skins myself. I’d like to think I’m promoting OWL, Contenders, and competitive while wearing those skins in-game.

i have a question:

are there any region restrictions? like the owl

Yes but not nearly as much. Details here:

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I feel like the Symm and Mercy watch hours should be the same as Oct. It’s like they are just trying to pump up Dec hours even more or something.

Right now, I am not worried about that. People who missed out are getting the skins and from what I can see, everyone is now happy and we can carry on as normal.

Congratulations, OP!

Imagine watching 15+hrs to not get the mercy skin, and then being swindled into watching 20+ more hours just because blizzard had technical problems, and instead of giving anyone who got the sym skin the mercy skin, they get more of dem views instead. Lmao

I must be one of the rare people who likes to watch games. I just wish I didn’t have to use Chrome on my computer to get the skins. I usually put OWL and Contenders on YouTube on my Roku. I used Twitch when they were partnered with them and it worked fine although Roku stopped supporting Twitch sadly. The thing is I have to delegate 15 hours of time to watch on my computer and I have other things that need to be done that aren’t Overwatch related. After that 15 hours I can pop a OWL or Contenders game on the TV and it’s all good.

Unfortunately, casting devices don’t work to earn rewards, this is because you have to be signed into the direct device you are casting from, so things like Roku and Chromecast won’t work.

Yay… I guess?

20 char

Didn’t even know there were skins. I would put up a tab on backdrop if I knew.