I got penalty because i cant connect to server

im tired. its not even my fault. its not like i leave the game. sometimes happen twice or thrice a day > i didnt even enter the game = just found a game and stuck at menu. and then i got penalty. my internet works fine
can admin do something about this?? at least dont penalty and ban and deduct point if you cant join a game :s
this is tiresome it is server fault and i get penalty for it. Man i bought this game and do i deserve this

If you’re having trouble connecting to games, you’re likely to continue receiving penalties until you fix the cause of the connection problem. Their system is designed to prevent people frequently leaving matches they’re not interested in playing, or plummeting SR of other players for leaving.

The penalties aren’t reversible, you can read more on that at the top of the forum:

If you want to troubleshoot, we can help with that here. If you have feedback on the penalty system, please post it in #competitive-discussion for the developers.