I got dossed and lost sr bc of it

Having to deal with smurfs wasn’t enough i guess… i left the game because of them then decided to come back (still constantly losing to them) finally i get on a 5 game win streak then get dossed and even though i joined back and we won, i still lost 50 sr. Also being out the 20 sr I would’ve gotten for winning.
It wasn’t a server issue, the internet did not work on every device i have. The enemy dosser literally messaged my team and said they did it and what do you know, as they were afk i get kicked from the game…
They’re teammate even threw their game because of it.
Anyway, just ranting and bringing up a discussion that blizzard doesn’t deserve to have anyone play their game. Hardly any effort to help people like me so I’m just done. Uninstalling my favorite game because it’s simply unplayable and they don’t care to fix it.

I dont think this is actualy problem of blizzard. You can be ddosed if they know your IP, which is possible because of how service on consoles work or your mistake of tells ng your IP to someone. Blizzard cant really fix anything here. Not to mention that they dont own your IP. If you gave it to someone who can ddos you, it has nothing to do with game itself.

It was explained before, try to find topic about it by using search.


I found it, go read it, its not fault of overwatch or blizzard. Read the blue answer in topic.

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Can you even use a VPN on consoles?

Not sure, i think its discussed in topic i linked.

The point being even though i grinned the game i still lost all the sr i spent over two hours on getting and i did absolutely nothing wrong. So I’m saying blizzard really sucks for penalizing me.

I’m not blaming them for not being able to somehow block a ddos. Im blaming them for taking my sr when I wasn’t at fault and not taking action after my whole team reported the person that was cheating.

All they see on their end is someone leaving the game. There is no exception made for someone claiming they were DoS’ed because then everyone would claim it and unplug their internet as “proof”. As far as the system is concerned you left a game so were penalized accordingly. There is no sign of “oh they were DoS’ed” that they can look at that won’t just look like you disconnected in any other way.

Once again you disconnected from the game. If they made exceptions for disconnects in any way (which is all a DoS’ed person will look like on their end, a disconnect) then everyone who wants to leave to troll or dodge sr reductions for a loss would just unplug their internet.

Reports are automated. That’s been known for a long time. There’s an email for hacks if you really want to try sending it there but they don’t manually review reports, the amount of time that would take is impossible to keep up with in a manual review (especially with the amazing quality a large portion of this community has of reporting anyone who beats them for cheating and anyone of their team for throwing when they lose).

It’s literally explained in the thread that was linked why penalties are still levied for disconnects even in cases where the player did not intentionally leave.

Here’s another thread where it’s explained.

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How is Blizzard supposed to know you were DDOS’ed?

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You misunderstood what i was saying so I’ll put it this way. Since ddosing is a thing, to compensate just a tiny bit, if a player disconnects in any way, shape, or form and then they’re able to rejoin, and their team wins they shouldn’t be penalized. If their team loses, sure penalize them but doesn’t make much sense to penalize someone for winning.

I could see it that way maybe. Though it is still an issue like is explained in those threads.

They can’t tell a disconnect that the player does intentionally from one they had no control over from their side and any time left makes the experience worse for the rest of the team.

I’m more in favor of an in between. Give players the ability to “forgive” a teammate for leaving and telling the game to not punish them for it. It’d have a similar effect where players who come back and win will be more likely to be forgiven but also then people who have a disconnect out of their control can be forgiven if their teammates know them even if they lose.

Its hard but it can be done

Its not that hard. You just need at least 2 ethernet adapters or a dual ethernet adapter for your PC. You could do a router/switch config but that because a big pain.

All you need to do is setup a VPN on your PC, LAN your console to your PC and connect after you activate your VPN. But be aware, Blizzard never likes the use of VPN’s in their games. Not sure what Activisions take is on it. Back in World of Warcraft Blizz banned players for using VPN to try to route to the nearest server or Access Point to reduce their latency which had a huge edge in the PVP system.

The VPN wouldn’t be set up on the console, it would be set up on your modem/router and yes it can be done!

You never want to setup a VPN on your Modem or Router. It heavily throttles on those devices because they dont have the RAM capacity to handle the redirect and it burns them out real fast.

Depends on the vpn to be honest! ISPs will throttle you if they know you are using one, However there are vpns that ignore that!